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By harnessing knowledge, passion and determination, a lot can be achieved in five years.

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  1. Oct 2012 Kitman Labs Founded

    How It All Started

    Kitman Labs was founded in Dublin, Ireland in October of 2012, by Stephen Smith, former Senior Strength & Conditioning/Rehabilitation Coach at Leinster Rugby. The foundation of the company was Smith's Master's research, which focused on combined risk factors as predictors of athletic injury. 

  2. Jun 2013 First Product Launch

    First Product Launch

    Kitman Labs' first unique product, Profiler was developed by sport scientists and practitioners to give professional and elite sport teams a better way to evaluate athlete performance and reduce the risk of injury. Profiler makes use of machine learning algorithms to determine each athlete's individual stress response and provides coaches with real-time actionable insights to enable them to make more informed decisions.

  3. Jun 2013 1st Rugby Client

    First Rugby Client

    Leinster Rugby, one of the four major professional rugby teams in Ireland competing in the Pro12, was the first professional rugby team to embrace Kitman Labs' system, reap the benefits and remain a European power. Since Leinster's signing, the other three major Irish rugby clubs have signed on with Kitman as well.  

  4. Oct 2013 1st EPL Client

    First EPL Client

    As Kitman Labs' first Premier League client, the agreement with Everton FC signaled the company's entry into soccer and one of the world's ultra-elite sports organizations. The deal sent a strong message that the Kitman Labs system is applicable to all sports.

  5. Feb 2014 First National Team

    First National Team

    The Irish Rugby Football Union partnered with Kitman Labs and Ireland's national rugby team began utilizing the Kitman system. This paved the way for an organization-wide adoption including all provincial and development teams, with information flowing across all levels of Irish rugby.

  6. Sep 2014 US Office

    US Office

    Kitman Labs expanded its global presence by opening its first office in the United States. Located in California's Silicon Valley, the heart of the U.S. tech industry, Kitman has continued to gain momentum ever since in the lucrative American sports market. 

  7. Feb 2015 First MLB Client

    First MLB Client

    Breaking into Major League Baseball, Kitman Labs announced a partnership with one of the most well-known US baseball teams, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Baseball has seen a dramatic technology and analytics revolution in recent years, spearheaded by the "Moneyball" concept, and Kitman fits squarely into that trend.


  8. May 2015 First NFL Client

    First NFL Client

    Continuing its foray into US professional sports, the Miami Dolphins became the first NFL team to use Kitman Labs' system. The NFL is the most-watched league in the United States, and one that has been actively searching for injury prevention solutions. 

  9. Aug 2015 First NCAA Client

    First NCAA Client

    With college sports playing a significant role in the US, Kitman Labs is proud to sign USC as its first NCAA client. Collegiate sports are a very big business in the United States, and hundreds of thousands of student-athletes compete every year.

  10. Oct 2015 First NBA Client

    First NBA Client

    Continuing to build momentum in the US, the Detroit Pistons became the first NBA team to choose Kitman Labs to help assess and monitor athlete performance, and ultimately improve team performance. Capture's counter movement jump profile - which excels in detecting lower body injury risk - is especially relevant to basketball.

  11. Nov 2015 First Athlete Optimization System™

    First Athlete Optimization System™

    The first Athlete Optimization System™ was announced. The integrated system is made up of three optimized components: Profiler, the analytics engine at the heart of Athlete OS; Capture, the world’s first validated markerless motion capture product; and Athlete, a fully customizable mobile application.  

  12. Dec 2015 Board of Advisors

    Board of Advisors

    Kitman Labs is proud to announce that a distinguished group of industry leaders has joined its board of advisors, including Billy Beane, Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations for the Oakland Athletics and pioneer of "Moneyball"; Daryl Morey, General Manager of the Houston Rockets and founder of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference; and John Malloy, General Partner and co-founder of BlueRun Ventures.


We can predict everything from the weather to the stock market these days.
So why not injuries?
Stephen Smith
CEO and Founder