Elite Football 2017 Injury Assessment Report


The 2017 Injury Assessment Report examines the results of two elite football teams that have been using the Kitman Labs Athlete Optimization System for at least 2 full seasons. The aim of the report is to look for trends within the data sets in order to help us better understand our impact on the teams we partner with here at Kitman Labs. For the sake of our customers privacy, the data is anonymized.

In this report we focused on three key measures:

  1. Number of days lost from player unavailability due to injury
  2. Further examining the injury type by identifying the number of days lost due to training injuries
  3. And lastly, the average injury duration per team. 

Similiar to the results from the 2016 Injury Report, the 2017 Report further validates the use of Kitman Labs' Athlete Optimization Platform whilst also employing efficient monitoring / screening processes, both of which can really help teams to reduce the risk of injury occurrence and improve average injury duration.




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