De-normalized Spider and Radar Graphs

Some form of subjective data visualization (i.e. Z score plots) can be misleading when there are gaps in the data between the athlete and their comparison group. These gaps make it harder to communicate the top line insights to athletes without looking at the raw values. De-normalized spider and radar graphs are a quick way […]

Longitudinal Medical Graphs

We consistently hear from medical and performance staff that it takes a lot of work to produce valuable injury reports and trends throughout the season. Kitman Labs reporting and dashboard solutions simplify the process of getting the information you need in the format you need to assess, collaborate, and make an impact. Longitudinal Medical Graphs […]

Combination Graphs

Combining different metrics together in a single visual can be a challenge. Our goal at Kitman Labs is to simplify the process of creating powerful visuals that give you the information you need to assess your situation and move fast to make an impact. Combination graphs are a simple way to interpret two metrics together […]