S2,E6: Navigating Strategy, Humanity, and Uncertainty

Join experts from around the globe as they share their ideas and approaches for navigating the downtime caused by the novel coronavirus. Stephen Smith, Founder and CEO of Kitman Labs hosts a dynamic group discussion on how elite sports teams are navigating the uncertain waters created by the novel coronavirus. Our guests this episode – […]

The Age of Performance Intelligence

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.  – Charles Darwin

All Roads Lead to Performance

ALL ROADS LEAD TO PERFORMANCE The evolution of science, technology, and data in elite sport has led to the production and collection of massive troves of information. While proper application of this data can provide an unmistakable competitive edge, there remains a distinct lack of understanding of what this information means and how we can […]

Supporting the Rapid Rise of Hammarby Fotboll

“Our aim was to take Hammarby from mid-table to competing consistently towards the top end of the Allsvenskan. We believed, through their expertise and experience of working with many of Europe’s biggest teams, Kitman Labs could enable us to find a competitive edge” Mikael Klots Rubin, Head of Medical at Hammarby Fotboll Following three consecutive […]

Turning Self-Reflection into Success

Darcy: Hi and welcome to the Game Changer Podcast. My name is Darcy Norman. Today, I’m joined by a special guest and somebody I’ve known for a long time and very much respect, Jack Nayler, who’s Head of Sports Science for Celtic FC. In his role, Jack manages all aspects of Sports Science provision at […]

Game Changer S2, E4: Jack Nayler and Darcy Norman – Growth Through Self Reflection

Celtic FC’s Head of Sports Science Jack Nayler speaks with Darcy Norman around some of the key lessons he’s learned through pursuing a habit of conscious self-reflection. Key takeaways for this podcast include: Tips on how to embrace complexity and focus on the factors you can control within the elite sports environment Why it’s important […]