Can you really predict a winner? We can try.

Can you really predict a winner? We can try. From the constant streams of news headlines and the trending hashtag ‘INSANE’ on twitter, it seems that the 2018 Russia World Cup will not be quickly forgotten. Not only has the twists and turns of this tournament left the world stunned, the defeat of teams such […]

World cup: is there such a thing as a home advantage?

WORLD CUP: IS THERE SUCH A THING AS HOME ADVANTAGE? With Russia off to a strong start in the FIFA World Cup group stages, beating both Saudi Arabia and Egypt, we decided to investigate the theory of home advantage. This report will explore why European nations have historically been so dominant at tournaments held on […]

GDPR… why it’s not so bad

GDPR…. why it’s not so bad. Data privacy and protection seem to have finally come to a head within Europe. Not only has the recent data breaches within World Rugby shaken many sporting organisations, the added reality of the impending GDPR legislation has caused many teams to scramble and have a hard look at their […]

Injury profiling in professional cricket

Injury profiling in professional cricket View infographic here One of the most popular sports in the world, cricket requires a combination of physical fitness, skill and strategy. Despite its reputation as a non-contact, low intensity sport, injury rate and incidence in cricket are ever-present. Due to the wide array of physical demands including running, throwing, […]

Injury Prevalence in the AFL

Injury Prevalence in the AFL For the last 26 years the Australian Football League has conducted a yearly injury surveillance survey to identify common, severe and increasing incidences of injury, with the outcomes helping to direct research and funding into prevention strategies. Since the first Injury Survey in 1992, and despite the impressive investment into […]


By Stephen Smith, CEO & Founder My mother constantly told me as a child that less was more…. Granted it was possibly because I was keen on talking too much, but it’s something that I think today we can all relate to. In my opinion Sport Science is an industry that has adopted a ‘less is […]


WILL INJURIES DECIDE THE NFL PLAYOFFS? Will injuries decide the NFL playoffs this year? Will money decide the NFL playoffs this year is probably a more accurate way to ask this question. Star players win games and that is the bottom line. When star players are not available it changes the outcome. Last season’s playoffs […]


David joined our Dublin office just over 7 months ago. He was looking for a change from his Lead Games Developer role in one of Dublin’s most renowned gaming companies. We had a chat with David to find out what makes his job here so interesting:    David, what are you working on in Kitman […]


A cynical question, perhaps, given that Kitman Labs is all about using sport science to increase player performance safely. But it’s a question continually asked, even if not 100% directly or so bluntly, by the coaches we meet every day. And, we know it’s on the minds of the business side of sports teams as […]