Academy Challenges

Scaling production off 1st team-ready players is a top priority for football academies across the world.

Programming Practices and Loading Patterns in Team Sports

Planning Survey

The Performance Intelligence Research Initiative  (PIRI) is excited to embark on new research for planning and programming! In sports, planning and programming for physical training alongside technical and tactical sequences is supposed to be an easy practice—especially when you have been doing this for a long time. If you’re working with Olympic sports and preparing […]

Narrowing the Gap from Research to Results

The Kitman Labs Performance Intelligence Research Initiative has identified the most urgent needs confronting elite sports practitioners – as they define them. Our just-published practitioner survey surfaced the most pressing needs across sports and roles, pointing a path for future research to sharpen its focus on what matters most for on-field results. Why did we launch […]

S3 Ep1: The New Performance Science Opportunity

Stephen Smith, Founder and CEO of Kitman Labs welcomes Martin Buccheit, a renowned sports science researcher and published author, to Kitman Labs as the new Head of Performance Research. In this lively discussion the two talk about the past, present and future of performance science, data, sports research, and how teams create highly collaborative, data-driven […]