Combination Graphs

Combining different metrics together in a single visual can be a challenge. Our goal at Kitman Labs is to simplify the process of creating powerful visuals that give you the information you need to assess your situation and move fast to make an impact.

Combination graphs are a simple way to interpret two metrics together in one view (e.g. volume and intensity data), without having to export and manage data in spreadsheets. Using our ecosystem of automated integrations with leading GPS providers, you can easily access your team’s GPS data, in Kitman Labs, and create the reports and visualization you want with the click of a button. Our flexible combination graphs allow the comparison and manipulation of timeframes and A:C ratios depending on the game/training schedule or even have multiple a:c ratios (different timeframes or types e.g. EWMA vs. standard A:C) visible at once.

Using a combination graph and Kitman Labs automated integration with their team’s GPS provider automatically creates the right view of the team’s high speed running workload. The visualization of both high speed running and Acute:Chronic (A:C) on one graph makes it quick and easy for the Sports Scientist to identify a high A:C ratio of 1.5 on June 8th, indicating a potential overload, following a rest day on June 6th. This simple and understandable graph makes it easy to flag to the Head of Performance who can communicate the meaningful information to the coaching team – recommending the relevant modifications for the group or individuals.

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