Customer July 2021 Update:

A Note from Our CEO

To me, there is a special buzz in the air of sports right now. Incredible finals. Preparations for the World Cup. The Olympics. New owners in sport. The data boom. 

There is buzz here at Kitman Labs, too. 

→ We’re investing across the company to deliver more value and accelerate the industry’s transformation: teams are breaking down silos in favor of a united approach that uses intelligence to strengthen instinct and achieve better outcomes.

→ Our services team is expanding to enhance the support we deliver. And our product team is growing to deliver on our mission of building the operating system for global sport: a platform to bring all data together and allow every department to capitalize on shared intelligence about talent strategy, player potential and performance, youth development, and athlete health. 

→ I’m excited to work with our network of 700 partners on this mission. The network also gives us the largest dataset in sport, which supports our data science and PIRI team in their research and development. Because of this, we can deliver unrivaled analytics and unique insight that can propel our partners and the industry forward.  

As I look at what we are all building together, I’m overwhelmed by the possibilities and energized by the transformation that is happening in the industry. I hope you are, too!

Read on for more details and news. 


NEWS! Kitman Labs Acquires Presagia Sports

Yesterday, we announced that Kitman Labs has acquired Presagia Sports, the leading EMR provider for NCAA universities youth sports programs, and sports clinics. The acquisition is in support of our mission to give more teams additional opportunities to bring data and departments together and unite around shared intelligence.

We welcome over 100 new organizations, who dramatically expand the size of our network focused on youth to professional development. It also adds hundreds of teams’ worth of new health data and data on the lifecycle of developing athletes, which will yield some exciting research. 

Read more

Our Global Support Team is Rapidly Growing

To us, partnership means waking up every day focused on your success and providing high-touch, tailored services that are not only responsive, but support you proactively in every part of your journey, every day. 

To deliver this “always-on” approach, we have grown the team to over 50 Performance Experts who bring  you unparalleled medical, sports science, strength and conditioning, performance, and coaching experience. 

We are the only company with resources this extensive. Our experts are here for you – in Ireland, UK, Continental Europe, US, Australia, Japan – providing 24×7 support as well as unique insights from a variety of environments. 

Follow us on Twitter for ideas from this group!

Our Platform is Expanding

Based on your valuable inputs, we are constantly improving our offerings and investing in our platform. We’ve made numerous updates this year. In the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing some exciting updates and new capabilities. These will cover coaching and talent development, analytics, session planning and reporting, many new integrations, along with new collaboration tools and a groundbreaking update to our EMR.

Stay tuned for these exciting announcements in the next 6-8 weeks.

Join our new Research Initiative!

We invite you to participate in a new Performance Intelligence Research Initiative (PIRI) research study led by Dr. Martin Buchheit on the impact of advanced player profiling on injury risk assessment and injury prevention

This is a season-long research program, exclusively offered to Kitman Labs customers. Our  research team will work one-on-one with you to incorporate new screening practices techniques that add value to your program and establish better athlete profiling. We’ll use the data you collect from the screening in our injury risk analytics to see if these improve overall risk assessment. 

Learn more about the program here.

The kick-off begins this month, and we invite you to participate in an introductory webinar on July 20 or July 21. In case neither of those dates work for you,  the webinars will be recorded. 

Register Here

Top 5 Challenges Facing Academies

There are numerous challenges facing academies in their quest to win competitions at all levels, chief among them being the ability to consistently produce players who are first team ready. Yet the odds of talented players making it to the first team are unpredictable and often left to chance—with many clubs choosing to “throw everything against the wall and see what sticks.”

Based on interviews with dozens of clubs across Europe, the Middle East and the United States, here is a closer look at the top five challenges facing academies today.

If you would like to chat about how we can help you with talent development, contact   

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