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During these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to keep in touch with staff, players and athletes. The Sports Office App optimises all communication, sports science, sports medicine and administrative processes between an organisation, its staff and players/athletes. 

We are offering you, our clients, The Sports Office App for free until September  1st 2020.

The Sports Office App

The Sports Office App is an extension of the core TSO product, whether it be The Football Squad to The Rugby Squad. 

It provides a means for direct communication between users from across the organisation. During this pandemic, communication is more important than ever. Which is why we are offering users the App for free until September 1st 2020, to help facilitate this communication between users during these times of uncertainty. 

We recognise the wellbeing of all members and stakeholders in the organisation is a key priority right now, along with the completion and engagement of  coaching programmes to maintain the progress athletes have made over the past season. 

Just because the season has come to halt, doesn’t mean training programmes and player engagement needs to.

Benefits of The Sports Office App

  • Direct communication with users from ranging users, teams and departments across the organisation in both individual and group messaging features
  • Video functionality provides an excellent way to engage players with their Development Plans 
  • Keep all users up to date on the latest club news, updates and policies through documents in these ever-changing times
  • Engage players with taking charge on their sessions with RPE’s input directly through the App
TSO App Communications

Please fill out the form below to sign up to use The Sports Office App. You will be able to use the App across your organisation through September 1 at no cost. After September 1, if you are interested in continuing to use the App, please contact your Client Manager. 

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