S1 E6: High Performance Training Methodologies in the NHL, Mike Potenza, San Jose Sharks

Episode 6: High Performance Training Methodologies in the NHL

For over a decade Mike Potenza has been an integral part of the National Hockey Team, the San Jose Sharks.

In this newest episode, Mike shares his own personal journey towards the NHL and some of the key performance methodologies he has developed along the way.

Part one of his talk with Kitman Labs’ CEO, Stephen Smith, will cover:

  • How Mike’s experience with multiple, collegiate sports has helped to influence training methodologies with professional ice hockey players
  • Avoiding the trap of maintenance and monotony in-season, and striving for training with stimulus and intensity
  • Developing new, young talent as the season begins.

Stay tuned for part two where Mike will share some insights from the NHL combines and how to identify a future champion.

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