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Masterclass with Ipswich Town FC

Succession Planning
Series: Part 1

Building a Sustainable Talent Development Strategy

Tue. 25 Oct. 5PM BST | 6PM CET | 12PM EST

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Tue. 25 Oct. 5PM BST | 6PM CET | 12PM EST


What if every player was performing to their potential?


Developing and harnessing the power of each player takes the work of many. Pulling together goals, data, and progress for all players is hard – but what if you could easily unite everyone around individualized plans and a single view of player development?


Gary Probert, Ipswich Town FC’s Director of Football Operations, walks you through how Ipswich Town has transformed its talent development strategy into a competitive advantage. 


Things you’ll learn:


  • Using data to make an informed decision about where to place a player on-loan
  • How a single system, like the Intelligence Platform, can align coaches and practitioners around player pathways and first team level benchmarks
  • Finding ways to measure the immeasurable: Personality, Culture Fit, and Emotion

We’re constantly working to find the balance between objective vs. subjective human data to make sure we drill into the detail, but also to embrace the experienced mind of that knowledgeable person who’s seen it all before."

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Gary Probert

Director of Football Operations

Ipswich Town FC

David Hesse

Chief of Staff

Kitman Labs

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Kitman Labs Announces Deal with Legendary Irish Hurling County, Kilkenny

They will be the first hurling team in the Gaelic Athletic Association to deploy iP and integrate medical, performance, and talent development data into one advanced operating system.