Everton FC Signs with Kitman Labs

Kitman Labs, a sports science software company, announced today (Monday, 25th August) that it has signed contracts with Everton FC for their Profiler system, an athlete management system with an emphasis on injury prevention.

At Everton’s training ground on Finch Farm – nicknamed The School of Science, the club’s Head of Medical, Danny Donachie gives his views on how Kitman’s Profiler system is helping their club to highlight ongoing risks of injury amongst their players:

“Most players will generally embrace anything that they feel will improve their performance. Education is key, as their understanding of the benefits of screening is paramount. At our club, the culture quickly changed and now the daily screening tests are seamlessly integrated into the daily schedule. This compliance is underpinned by our initial education and the consistency of testing. Education of the staff is also of great importance as they often offer key messages and support to the players.”

Danny Donachie, Head of Medical at Everton FC.

This contract represents the first major signing of an English Premier League club for Kitman’s Profiler System, which enjoyed its first birthday earlier in the summer. Off the back of the announcement of their Series A fundraising, the company is in a very strong position now to develop further into both the European and the US markets.

Commenting on the deal, Kitman’s Chief Executive, Iarfhlaith Kelly is optimistic about the validation this gives the company’s technology in English soccer:

“With Everton coming on board, it shows that this technology can work just as well in soccer as it has in rugby. We’re thrilled to see such a forward thinking and progressive club like Everton embrace our athlete management system, especially given its emphasis on validated sports science research.

We have worked very closely with Everton, and their back-office staff to understand their injury profile and through a combination of validated research studies and anecdotal evidence within the club, we have built up a battery of screening tests which are directly related to the club’s highest known injury risks, helping to get the most out of the time the players spend screening”.

Iarfhlaith Kelly, CEO at Kitman Labs.

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