First Annual Injury Assessment Report

First Annual Injury Assessment Report

Kitman Labs monitored five professional sports teams to assess the season-over-season decrease in injuries after implementing sports science-based analytics of training and game demands combined with specific athlete response and recovery.

The results show that teams experienced a dramatic decrease in the overall volume of injuries, with the greatest improvements found in the most severe injuries – those lasting a month or longer and season-ending.

The teams achieved these results by regular and consistent monitoring and assessment of athletes to 1) identify those at risk of injury and adjust athlete management, treatment and training programs to avoid injury and 2) improve rehabilitation of players reduce the return to play window. The impact – overall healthier teams with higher rates of player availability, which is statistically linked to increased chances of winning.

Data was collected, assessed, and analyzed by Kitman Labs Athlete Optimization SystemTM. The five teams used the Athlete Optimization System to easily and regularly monitor all players and receive alerts on changes to individual athlete responses that indicate injury risk.

You can download the report here.

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