Partnership Story

One Team's Journey to Improving Player Pathways

How a top tier professional football team, is using their Intelligence Platform (iP) to identify talent and build a steady pipeline of first team players

At the end of the 2021 season, a large footballing organisation with many teams, realised there was no formal process to share athlete insights between stakeholders, such as the Head of Academy and the Sporting Director, due to the fast pace and ever-changing landscape of professional football. They had no way to benchmark athlete performance, which resulted in academy development plans that weren’t delivering repeatable results.

Like lots of teams, they were experiencing common talent management challenges::

  • Inconsistent data collection and athlete information
  • Information not being shared across development pathways
  • Time-consuming, data input processes and difficulty communicating insights
  • Lack of alignment and consistent decision making regarding return-to-play protocols

turned to Kitman Labs, and the Intelligence Platform, which is the only data and analytics solution in elite sport that delivers actionable insights to drive human performance.

Over the course of several weeks, the Kitman Labs Performance Strategy team worked on-site with club executives as well as the academy, performance, and medical coaching departments, to build out a new data strategy to address their specific needs. The bespoke program allowed for a holistic and measurable view of athlete performance, empowering coaches and scouts to make informed decisions by utilising data and analytics every day, across every department.

Through implementation of the Intelligence Platform (iP), Kitman Labs;

  • Delivered mobile solutions to streamline data collection, communication, and scheduling
  • Utilised tactical insights and game intelligence, in conjunction with development data, to create high-potential player profiles and benchmarks
  • Produced custom dashboards that allowed for senior staff to make informed decisions about high potential players

Now, within a single platform, every player is easily and consistently evaluated every six weeks on key metrics such as game performance, core skills, physical development, and mental strength.

The result? A 200% increase in first-team ready players versus previous year, delivered through a simplified, repeatable approach to player advancement that lets coaches focus on what matters most – football.

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"It helps us to make better decisions. We don't have to rely on our own subjective judgement, and can compare the performance of different players, game by game, and over time. The platform has also helped with the development of our players from junior level through to the first team."

"Our talent identification process is now way more accurate and consistent, which has allowed the club to develop a higher-quality player pathway that’s delivering real results."


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