S3 Ep2: How Performance Departments Can More Effectively Engage with Coaches


In 2020’s final episode of The Game Changer Podcast,  NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes’ High Performance Manager, Brad Harrington speaks with Kitman Labs Performance Scientist John Dams about high performance. He shares his advice on how performance departments can more effectively engage with coaches. Key takeaways for this podcast include: Debunking the myth that coaches don’t care about […]

New Year? Or The Next Era?

Every day is New Year’s Day for elite sports organizations. This year’s resolutions are bigger than ever, though.

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

Every battle is won before it is fought. Sun Tzu, Chinese military strategist In sports, programming physical training contents alongside technical and tactical sequences is supposed to be an easy practice, especially when you have been doing this for a long time. If you’re working with olympic sports and preparing for some yearly competition, there […]

The Right Role for Analytics

With so many possibilities, what will emerge as the burning platforms for analytics? What is the right role in the industry for analytics?

Are Sports Analytics Out of Fashion?

Since moneyball exploded onto the scene, analytics have been the talk of the town. With two of analytics biggest pundits on the way out, are analytics now out of fashion?