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Webinar: Resilience, Survival and Recovery

This interactive webinar successfully expressed the resilience and adapt to the challenges we face at present in adjusting to the new reality. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unexpected challenge for us as an entire planet to navigate and adapt to. Our workshop provided views from resilience experts to former Special Forces who shared their methods and stories around adapting to adversity. 

The workshop also featured leading a Director of Performance and former athlete who will share insight on the successful adaptation of Olympic and Paralympic programs to meet the now postponed Olympic Games  in Tokyo.

We tackled the challenges in communicating across multi-disciplinary teams. There were some great discussions to help create strong and effective communications with coaches, athletes and staff members.
A special thanks to our guest speakers, Jay Hedley, Brad Harrington & Chris Domogalla for providing their varying perspectives on their approach to improve the impact of every interaction you have

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