North Queensland Cowboys Implement Kitman Labs to Enhance Team Performance

MENLO PARK, CA, March 1, 2017 – Kitman Labs, Silicon Valley’s leading sports health analytics company, today announced that the North Queensland Cowboys have partnered with Kitman Labs to enhance performance and better understand the factors that drive injury risk. Using Kitman Labs’ Athlete Optimization System, the Cowboys will analyze player workload, response, and well-being information to make data-driven decisions about player training, conditioning and rehabilitation.

“With Kitman Labs, we can eliminate our data silos and, through their unique approach, make sense of the data we have about our athletes to make the best decisions about training and treatment,” said Paul Bowman, North Queensland Cowboys High Performance Manager. “We were thrilled we got up and running so quickly, and it’s already proven to be easy, fast and valuable for our players and staff. We’re improving data collection, enhancing communication between athletes and coaches, and can comply with NRL injury surveillance guidelines.”

The Cowboys rolled out the system prior to the NRL preseason and are now easy gathering daily information from athletes via a mobile app and regularly screening athletes using Kitman Lab’s markerless biomechanical solution.  Combined with workload data from their GPS system, coaches now have a single view of their players, what they are doing, and how they are responding, which is used to drive decisions to optimise player performance without increasing injury risk.

“With the recognition that injuries impact winning, we’re seeing rapid shift in the sports world taking place right now with teams looking to truly quantify injury risk” said Stephen Smith, Founder and CEO of Kitman Labs. “Our latest innovations will help the Cowboys leverage their data to keep players on the field and performing optimally, giving them the best chance of winning and to meeting their team goals for the season.”

The solution will also be used to meet the NRL injury surveillance guidelines and provide the required information back to the NRL.


About Kitman Labs

Kitman Labs is committed to the evolution of sports performance. Through advanced statistical analysis, rigorous scientific research and unparalleled industry experience, our technology embodies the cutting edge of injury prevention technology. Our Athlete Optimization System is used by elite professional and collegiate teams worldwide to identify high­ risk athletes and intervene before injuries ever occur. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter (@KitmanLabs).

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