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Return to Play? Return to Perform!

In modern sports medicine, returning athletes to play is no longer enough. The ability to return athletes quicker than ever, and in a state of readiness to perform at a high level is crucial to team success. Empower  performance, medical and coaching teams to collaborate to effectively plan, monitor, and adapt how...


Player Profiling and Injury Risk Research

NEW RESEARCH INITIATIVE: Impact of advanced player profiling on injury risk assessment and injury prevention You’re Invited: Join our innovative experiment to examine the impact of improved screening methods on injury risk assessment and interventions on injury prevention.  We’ve been leading the way in injury risk analytics R&D, and are excited to...


A Unified Approach to Performance in the Offseason

Making the Offseason Count: A powerful, productive approach to communication can help players and teams get more from the offseason. Every team we talk to is unique in their own way, but regardless of country, sport, volume of data, or amount of technology in place, there is a common theme that comes...

Planning Survey

Programming Practices and Loading Patterns in Team Sports

The Performance Intelligence Research Initiative  (PIRI) is excited to embark on new research for planning and programming! In sports, planning and programming for physical training alongside technical and tactical sequences is supposed to be an easy practice—especially when you have been doing this for a long time. If you’re working with Olympic...