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Narrowing the Gap from Research to Results

The Kitman Labs Performance Intelligence Research Initiative has identified the most urgent needs confronting elite sports practitioners – as they define them. Our just-published practitioner survey surfaced the most pressing needs across sports and roles, pointing a path for future research to sharpen its focus on what matters most for on-field results.   Why did we...


Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

Every battle is won before it is fought. Sun Tzu, Chinese military strategist In sports, programming physical training contents alongside technical and tactical sequences is supposed to be an easy practice, especially when you have been doing this for a long time. If you’re working with olympic sports and preparing for some yearly competition, there...

Football Lens

Dr. Charlotte Cowie’s FA Covid-Lens to Return to Play

A guest for this episode is Dr. Charlotte Cowie. She works in English football, and is Head of Medicine at the Football Association. We discussed a range of themes including the FA’s approach to testing and venue biosecurity. And we started by asking Dr. Cowie about her work with the UK Government. They created a...

Cricket bowler

ECB’s Raph Brandon shares insight on Return to Play

Raph Brandon:  The success to what we’ve implemented with England cricket and the collaboration we’ve had with the counties to help prepare the England players. So far this summer, has been the fact that we’ve taken a package approach. So, we’re not just betting all our chips on testing, for example, we’re putting a lot...


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