Here, at Kitman Labs we set ourselves apart from companies that talk about pushing the industry forward by walking the talk and putting innovation at the core of how we do things. 

But innovation needs to be grounded in meaning, and so we are investing in our team and a groundbreaking research program to support teams build high performing organizations on and off the field. 

We want research to be in the fabric of what we do every day.


About the Initiative

The Performance Intelligence Research Initiative is a research, education, and community engagement program designed to produce new evidence-based insights about on-field and off-field success. It also aims to accelerate the adoption of gold standard practices discovered through the research via interactive learning vehicles and engaging forums. 

The goal of the research is to produce evidence-based best practices that will advance the fields of sports performance science, coaching, talent development and identification, and leadership. 

The initiative will explore topics such as:

  • Leadership, culture and alignment
  • Integrated communication, collaboration and decision making
  • Performance-led planning
  • Short and long term development strategies
  • Data-led decision-making
  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Data collection and data quality
  • Cross-departmental athletic development
  • Economics of player performance
  • Multi-disciplinary athlete care and development
  • Youth development and progression


The Research Team

Martin Buchheit

Head of Performance Intelligence Research

Darcy Norman

Director of Performance Science

Andy Shelton

Performance Scientist

John Dams

Performance Scientist

Derek McHugh

Head of Data Science

Bryan Burnstein

Director of Performance Science

A Collaborative Approach

Together through collaboration we can uncover the industry challenges that are most important and apply our performance science, data science, and organizational science research expertise to solve them.

We need you to help us understand the biggest challenges you are facing. Guide us where you need help, and we’ll show you what we can do. We want to talk, we want to listen and we want to solve problems.

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