Performance Intelligence Platform

Increase the impact of your decisions

"Over the years, Kitman Labs has supported us by providing insights that have transformed our conversations with coaches. As a result, we are aligned and making the best decisions possible about our athletes on a micro and macro level."
Mike Potenza
San Jose Sharks

The Industry Has Spoken. We Have Responded.

Experts all over the globe agree that athlete management systems have not allowed us to push the industry forward and leverage data to truly improve performance. Data collection, centralization, and reporting are the foundation, but alone they don’t transform decision making. They also don’t enable us to quantify what’s needed to reach our goals or quantify the impact of our decisions. 

The needs of the modern performance department have surpassed the capabilities of traditional technology. 


Designed by experts in sports performance, data science and technology, The Performance Intelligence Platform addresses these challenges. Built on world-class technology, It is powerful, flexible, and secure.


We have invested tens of millions of dollars to deliver a transformational set of capabilities that empower you to quantify and understand the key drivers of performance and injury. Our approach centers on sophisticated analytics not just data visualization and reporting. 

Now, you are in control. Now you can answer your most important questions when you need answers and make decisions when they will have the biggest impact. 

transforming how you work and the impact you make


We take the time to get to know you and what success looks like.

Through discovery, we understand:

  • Team and departmental goals
  • Your people and how they work 
  • Processes and workflow
  • Performance objectives and performance challenges. 
Our performance experts use this understanding to define relationship objectives and deliverables and how we configure the Performance Intelligence Platform. This means your use of our solution is aligned with what is most important to you.


Taking into account your goals, your data, your athletes, you can answer your most pressing questions about what drives performance and what impedes it.

Objective insights from the industry’s most advanced analytics enable high-confidence decision-making on: 

  • Game and player strategies
  • Recruiting and development
  • Training and treatment
  • Travel and scheduling


You’ll demystify performance today and continue to answer new and different questions in the future.

tight end on monitor


Objective insights empower you to transform conversations with coaches, front office, staff, and athletes. 

Use powerful benchmarking and reporting to compare athletes, assess progress, and align your organization to make better decisions on:

  • Performance goals
  • Who you have, their strengths and weaknesses
  • What you need to perform
  • What you do at an individual level

Even as change happens, you have flexible, easy to use tools to keep everyone on the same page.

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A suite of real-time tools provide you the information, context, and communication vehicles that enable you to operate at the speed of sport and accelerate:

  • Decision making
  • Communications
  • Process improvements
  • Program improvements

Work smarter, work faster and keep getting better on and off the field every day, every season.



Using the Performance Intelligence Platform, you receive a bespoke high performance model – a unique system for your staff and coaches – that is configured specifically for you and your team.

It is designed around your:

  • Unique performance objectives
  • Playing style
  • Athletes and their strengths and weaknesses
  • Training schedule



Adapt to change instantly. Our solutions are flexible to change as you change, in just a couple of clicks


Get up and running fast. Our bespoke models are configured and deployed quickly – no building or coding


Create a consistent approach to to data collection, workflow, communication  and decision-making


ISO Certified Security Infrastructure. We have not only invested in world-class processes and technology to protect your valuable data, but have also invested in achieving certification of the world’s strictest security standard – ISO27001.

Our solutions and practices meet standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, and the California Privacy act of 2020. 

Flexible Access Controls. You decide who sees what information across all staff and all teams.

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