The Future
of Response

Whether it’s a deployment to the battlefield across the world, or emergency response back home, change the way your personnel prepare for and perform in action with Kitman Labs.

Customized Performance Planning for the Entire Lifecycle

Easily collect, centralize, and analyze your individual member data throughout a service member’s lifecycle. Work with Kitman Labs Performance Experts to collect and visualize the data to all stakeholders, and quickly action insights with custom notifications and alerts to ensure your personnel are reaching their peak performance.


Track incoming recruits for your programs, and how to get them set up for success right away.


Implement performance programs tailored to your team’s individual areas of need to get them where they need to be.

Active Duty

Utilize individual performance data to generate key data points that will elevate physical and cognitive performance of your personnel to increase their deployability and overall career.


Offboard your personnel knowing that they have been holistically trained and developed to ensure a smooth transition into retirement.

We help leadership drive collaborative decision making around each step of the life cycle to achieve:

  • Increased deployability/response readiness
  • Education and empowerment
  • Elevated physical and cognitive performance
  • Stronger, more resilient personnel with longer careers

Elite Performance Readiness

The Intelligence Platform is the human performance industry’s first platform to provide integrated operations and analytics all in one place. We provide a centralized data platform for leadership and personnel featuring:

  • Easy tools to collect individual activity, wellness, tests
  • Flexible dashboards to assess responder readiness
  • Powerful reports to pinpoint trends and issues
THE BEST PART? It’s entirely customizable
to any department’s particular goals.

Guided by Experts

We’re here to partner with you for the entire journey. Guided at every step of the way by our Performance Experts, here is our change management process we implement with your leadership to drive immediate success both on day one, and down the road.


The Kitman Labs team understands goals and align technology, reports and analytics with key success factors


We provide published Performance Experts at the forefront of performance, health, wellness trends


We walk the journey at every step of the way with leadership, to ensure success

Simplified Data Integration

With over 150 data integrations, the iP allows for flexible collection to ensure you’re capturing a full 360 degree view of key performance indicators like workload monitoring, performance readiness, performance benchmarking, and progression monitoring for each individual.

Centralized Oversight for Achieving Program Accountability

The Intelligence Platform’s customizable data system makes it easy for leadership to measure and track how their teams is tracking towards both organization-wide performance initiatives like Holistic Health & Fitness (H2F), or Preservation of The Force and Family (POTFF), or company-specific performance readiness directives.

Highest Standards of Data Security

Receive military-grade data security with Kitman Labs, including:

  • HIPAA, HITECH, and GDPR Compliant
  • ISO27001 Certified
  • Secure data collection and storage
  • Integrated EMR and AMS
  • Auditing retention and compliance
  • Multi-level user permissions

" Having a company like Kitman Labs that understands this approach to performance readiness delivers a quick first step that you can take action on. It is such a value-add, and everyone can see it."

Supporting Elite Responders

and Athletes Alike

Join the ranks of elite public sector and global sport organizations alike who are already using the Intelligence Platform.

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