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Simplify COVID Risk Management and Governance

COVID-19 has not only interrupted sport, but has also completely altered how teams and leagues need to operate for the foreseeable future. Successful return to play relies on the comprehensive integration of safety standards and rigorous compliance of all stakeholders from media and stadium staff to athlete and coaches. This can only be achieved through end to end oversight, accountability and an early warning system to mitigate risks.

Ensuring the Health and Safety of All Stakeholders

The Kitman Labs Health and Safety solution powers everything your league needs to get back in the game. Our team and our platform will digitize your processes and deliver the processes management, notification, communication and control needed to understand and respond to potential health risks across all of the stakeholders involved in training and games.

Symptom Monitoring


Early Warning System

Health and Safety Compliance


Get started with COVID-19 symptom monitoring

Kitman Labs provides a simple and easy way to proactively monitor your athletes, staff, and their close connections for coronavirus symptoms. With straightforward but strong governance in place, you can reduce the risk of infection impacting your team and the safe return to sport. 
Tracking via APP

Collect information from anyone, anywhere

Use the Kitman Labs App for easy and fast data collection from individual devices. Capture information before athletes, team and facility staff arrive onsite or gather information from household and family members.
  • Easy for anyone to download and use
  • Complete screening in seconds
  • Available in 23 different languages
  • Real-time updates sent to medical staff
on-site kiosks

Control and Manage Symptom Tracking Onsite

Those wishing to screen athletes and staff onsite – for compliance or protocol reasons – can set up kiosks to at facility entrances to gather data.
  • Easy to use app for any athlete or staff member
  • Screening in seconds
  • Support for 23 languages
  • Real-time updates sent to medical staff
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Ensure high fidelity symptom tracking

Implement secondary screening procedures in-person for factors that require high degrees of confidence or specialist training, for example, temperature collection. 

  • Fast access to every athlete in the team or squad in a single list 
  • Bulk submission at end of collection process to prevent waiting between athletes
  • Supports offline mode, allowing for collection to take place in areas with little or no network access
real-time monitoring

Identify Symptom or contact Risk

Monitor and flag potential issues and quickly enact health and safety protocols, whether you are at your desk or on the go.

  • Online dashboard with alarms
  • Mobile app with alarms
  • Real-time notifications
compliance tracking

Don't Let Risk Slip Through the Cracks

Ensure end to end compliance with remote and onsite screening protocols. 

  • Web, mobile and Apple TV apps to monitor compliance in real-time
  • Send iPhone and Apple Watch push notifications 
  • User set alerts 
Access control

Manage Entry to Facilities Based on Status

Safely manage facility entry without having to provide access to the performance platform:

  • Provide simple, reliable guidance to security/facilities staff to fast-track compliant, low-risk employees
  • Flag those that need to enter symptom information onsite or are denied access without

Kitman Labs solutions are real-time, flexible, customizable and easy to use for any stakeholder. Get up and running in just days to map out your specific processes, protocols and responses with the help of a team with deep expertise in navigating large organizations and complex processes. You will have a partner in your success who has experience with the largest leagues and governing bodies in the world.


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