Return to Play Safely and Successfully

Free Interactive Return To Play Analytics Tool

Whether you are returning to a season that had just begun, or completing a nearly-finished year, safely bringing players back to a state of high performance and navigating fixture congestion are key factors to success

We put our data scientists and sports practitioners to work to create a tool to help. Our goal: add an element of data and analytics to complement the experience and knowledge you have about your team, your athletes and your goals.

Introducing Kitman Labs Return to Play Interactive Analytics

Free, Fast, Powerful Risk Analytics

Return to Play Interactive Analytics is a new standalone tool provided by Kitman Labs to help with planning in this unique time. Quantify the potential risk/reward of different approaches to training volume and intensity or various player utilization strategies across condensed game periods.

Head coaches, performance coaches, data scientists, and trainers can collaborate on a customized plan for each athlete and proactively engage head coaches in meaningful discussions on training, player rotations, and performance goals. 


It's Fast and Easy to Get Started

Enter some information about your team, current levels of fitness, fixtures, and you’re set!

Interactive "What if"

After providing some information about your athletes and anything you  know about their current levels of fitness, you can begin to experiment: 

  • What is the impact of volume and intensity of training on risk? 
  • What training strategy will most reduce risk for games? 
  • What’s the impact of player rotation or continuously playing the same key players game after game?

Individualized View of Risk

Easy to read visualizations describe the impact of different scenarios. The scenario planning assistant quantifies the amount and drivers of risk for each scenario you enter.

Risk is presented by day, by game, or by individual athlete, allowing you to engage in meaningful discussions and make decisions, even before you return to play.

Driven by Amazing Data Science

The analytics are informed by our advanced data science and one of the largest sports datasets.

We leveraged our experience working with hundreds of the world’s most elite football and rugby organizations, along with our expertise in injury risk and performance analytics to build a unique risk model for this unique time.

Sign Up for the free return to play Interactive Analytics Tool

To sign up to access the return to play Interactive Analytics tool, please fill out the form below.  This standalone tool is available at no charge and with no obligation while teams are navigating the return to training and games. Please use your team or sporting organization email as this tool is only available to practitioners, coaches and administration from teams, leagues and governing bodies. If you do not have an organizational email address, please send email to