Student-Athlete Welfare: Managing the Complete Athlete

Student-Athlete Welfare: Managing the Complete Athlete

At Kitman Labs, we’ve had the honor and pleasure of partnering with the University of Colorado to use data and technology to implement their WHOLE Athlete Initiative. As part of a larger student-athlete welfare strategy, the WHOLE Athlete initiative looks at all facets of each individual, not only to help their athletic success at the university, but to empower lifelong success and wellness

Rick George, Athletic Director at University of Colorado

On the impact of managing all aspects of the student-athlete:

“The WHOLE athlete is really the interconnectedness of all the touch points that touch our our student athletes.

And so we’re going to get a lot of data in all these different areas and being able to have a partner like Kitman Labs  helps us understand all of those different elements and how they fit together and where it can impact the lives of our student athletes, not only while they’re here on our campus, but while they’re five, 10 years, 20 years down the road after they leave our campus.

It’s really a partnership with Kitman Labs to really help us understand the data and how it provides us a 2% or 3% advantage when we go into competition;  or maybe we back off of conditioning in a week because the data is telling us that we need to; or data points that we can use in recruiting whether it’s, you know, the GPA or, or how we’re doing in career and how all that fits together.”

For more, Listen to a 3 minute snippet of our recent Podcast with George here:

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Adam Ringler, Head of Sports Science, University of Colorado

On the power of centralizing and using data and finding the right partner to do so:

“So it presents a lot of interesting findings for us as we leverage the Kitman Labs platform to centralise a lot of this information, but it also allows us to better interrogate and investigate the metrics and the findings that actually determine or go into contribute to sports success, or long term health outcomes. 

So  it really was trying to take something that was rather subjective and find ways to measure it objectively. And that led us down to a path of really trying to do performance profiling across our student athletes. And not just physical sort of like physiological profiling, but also psychological profiling. 

We  got into a situation where we were outgrowing a previous platform, and found out as we went down this journey, that we needed somebody that could help us in that journey, in that journey in that partnership vision that we had. And in all transparency, it’s really audacious and I can’t really blame a lot of technology companies for, for not being able to do that.

Credit to Kitman Labs to be able to take this sort of audacious goal of deliver this across 17 different programmes, 370 some athletes, and about 104 different practitioners that that will utilise, and have daily touch points with our student athletes.”

For more, listen to a 6 minute snippet of our recent Podcast with Adam here:

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