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Strategic Data Collection and Analytics with BK Häcken

Watch Martin Ericsson, Sporting Director of BK Häcken, discuss finding the right platform to combine data across all levels of the Club – from the Academy up to the First Team.


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My background is in football, and I’m a former player. So I played my last five years BK Häcken. Before we use Kitman, I think we were kind of individual organizations in terms of both individual working, but also individual teams using different in terms of the tactical or the physical, or whatever data that you use. And it could also be divided inside a team. So it was kind of hard to acknowledge, to get all of the data, it was very much silos where we’re used for one person or one department, but not being used by the Club.

So I think, for us, it’s important that we, that we use something that everyone could also use in terms of developing by charting, and also simplifying and using it as a communication tool. It’s important for us. The previous challenges we had that we are starting to be a big club, and the data that we collect is kind of from from one department to another, and then it get lost. So it’s personalized more than club. So for me, it was important to find a tool and a platform that that could help us with that.

So no matter if it’s an academy player, or if it’s first team in player, men or women that we could collect the same data for, for the players and for the coaches. So that was the main issue to kind of build a communication platform to to interact from or work with Kitman Labs. I think it’s a great fit. First and foremost, they helped me acknowledge strategical planning, for example, in terms of the physical, it is started as a physical, I would say, dimension in terms of the data and analyzes of that part, and also the health but I think it’s grown to be more of the communicate, communicative and also the development thing, building also the Academy profile on that.


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Kitman Labs Announces Deal with Legendary Irish Hurling County, Kilkenny

They will be the first hurling team in the Gaelic Athletic Association to deploy iP and integrate medical, performance, and talent development data into one advanced operating system.