Kitman Labs Virtual Workshop:

The Academy of the Future

Using Data to Create Alignment
and Enhance Progression

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How Can You Increase Talent Production?

Relive this interactive discussion and presentation from Kevin Paxton, Head of Academy Sport Science at Leicester City Academy and Andy Shelton, Performance Scientist at Kitman Labs. 

The webinar covers evolving academy, the role of data in the future of academies and a case study in how Leicester City is using analytics to build a more objective approach to enhancing development and increasing progression rates.

Thank you to Our Speakers

Andy Shelton

Performance Scientist 
Kitman Labs

Kevin Paxton

Head of Academy Sport Science
Leicester City FC

David Hesse

Director of Partnership Strategy
Kitman Labs

Topics and Discussions

Andy and Kevin discussed:

  • Trends in youth development programmes
  • A pathway to a scalable development model that produces high quality talent
  • The role of analytics in the academy environment and how analytics can help organisations:
    • Align around drivers of progression
    • Set objective standards for players
    • Increase the volume of players ready to play professional football
  • Getting started on the future now – the analytics journey


The Session included a case study from Leicester City, discussion and live Q&A.

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