A Practical Guide To Data And Analytics

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Are you applying industry best practices in your analytics approach? 


This set of guidelines includes research-based tips and advice for practitioners on what works as well as common pitfalls.


Take this brief self-assessment to help gauge your team’s ability to fully leverage the impact of data and analytics across your organization. Use this as an exercise with your internal teams to take a fresh look at your current practices and stimulate new ideas.


This easy-to-use checklist will allow you to leverage best practices gleaned from our work with 700+ global teams and explore thought-provoking questions:


  • Purpose of data: Is there a clear understanding of the questions that may benefit from analytics?
  • Set realistic expectations: Where can you have an impact? What decisions can you realistically affect/influence?
  • Data collection: Do you know how your team compares to comparable teams across all data categories as well as within specific types of data?
  • Turning Insights into action: Do you have the infrastructure/processes in place to implement the results?

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