Analytics For Sport Performance And Health: A Reality Check

Written by Dr. Derek McHugh and Dr. Martin Buchheit


Not all analytics are equal.
Approach matters.


“Think of how much better we will be with all of this data.”


If only this statement lived up to its promise. It’s not enough to collect loads of data. You must be able to uncover meaningful insights and intelligence from your data. But that’s been easier said than done and the tools haven’t always lived up to their hype.


Kitman Labs has been conducting analytics research across hundreds of teams for over eight years to learn more about what works and what doesn’t.


Now we want to share our approach with you. Why?


We want data scientists, performance scientists and everyone across sports clubs and organizations to explore their data with endless curiosity and improve outcomes. We want you to ask the right questions from your partners and vendors as you build your departments. We want to help make the whole industry better where everyone can trust their data enough to find meaning from it with relative ease.


The bottom line — we hope this in-depth paper inspires you to think differently about your approach to analytics.

In this white paper you will learn:


  • Why approach matters
  • The five core principles of analytics success we’ve developed after years of research
  • That outcomes can be improved by applying modern machine learning and data science techniques
  • The importance of transparency, including an honest take on current limitations
Analytics for Sport Performance & Health White paper cover image

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