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The FA & Kitman Labs Update on the Performance Medicine Solution

Learn more about Kitman Labs Performance Medicine solution, the new electronic medical platform (EMR) for the FA. September 2023 update.


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Dr. Abosede Ajayi 0:05
Hello, thank you for watching this video. I am Dr. Abosede Ajayi known as GB and I’m the new medical governance lead for the women’s programme at BSA. I’m really excited to share some information with you about an update and transition to a new electronic medical platform coming in 2024. Performance Medicine is the medical solution within the Kitman labs Intelligence Platform. And as a complement to the Performance Optimisation already in use by many gloves. This platform has already been customised for the women’s game specifically, and I’m confident it will offer what’s needed in real time on the ground to inform medical management decisions. I’d like to introduce one of Kitman labs, performance strategists and a mechanism. Anna is going to provide a brief high level overview of the Performance Medicine in advance of more formal demonstrations and training, which you will be welcome to attend and offer feedback. Thank you for taking part in our visit video message Anna, I look let you take it from here.

Anne Makinen 1:14
Thank you GB. With all the medical information available for staff to view in a single solution. Efficiency, communication and alignment across the organisation is greatly improved. You’re able to capture detailed information about injuries including what how, when, where and under what circumstances injuries occur. And as players progress through procedures, screenings and tests, treatments and rehab, medical practitioners can easily store and access all documentation, notes and diagnostics. Given the staff the ability to attend to most critical issues in real time and make fast decision decisions that can result in better outcomes affecting availability, overall health and performance. Clear information on current health and wellness status historical trends and benchmarks across players and squads help improve collaboration with coaches, performance staff, and players. Automated availability status updates keep everyone updated on the progression of the players and what that means for participation. You’ll have the ability to create, manage, and communicate treatments. And with the built in rehab programming solution, medical teams can improve efficiency, enhance communication and better engage players to understand the complete rehabilitation path they are on. With flexible real time reporting medical staff and the team can better understand injury incidents who was injured, how injuries occurred and the impact of injuries on availability and time loss. Easy to configure dashboards with capability to cross reference different data sources provide practitioners with a holistic view of their athletes and the ability to compare different time periods and trends, allowing you to evaluate the true burden of injuries and the impact they have on game and training availability. Performance Medicine allows you to govern and manage all of the medications to ensure safe handling, dispensing and administration. Lastly, you can easily export all the medical records to facilitate communication and player movements as the players medical passports follow them, enabling better continuity of care.

Dr. Abosede Ajayi 3:35
Thank you, Anna. So there’ll be a full webinar and club demonstrations coming soon. invitations will be sent out to all our club medics. In the meantime. However, if you would like to learn more, please do visit the Kitman website. And let’s move forward together. Thank you


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