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Silos Are Out. Club Data Collaboration Is In with Malmö FF.

Watch Andreas Georgson, Technical Director of Malmö FF, discuss tackling the challenges of ensuring their medical, fitness and player management data flows freely throughout the organisation.


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Yeah, so my background really starts with Malmö. I was here for I started 15 years ago in our academy, working in school sessions and Academy sessions a lot as a coach and then gone through age groups and also gone through a lot of methodology and scouting during the years and finally ending up with First Team as a coach. Going to England for two years working in other Clubs and then back as a Sporting Director.

Kitman Labs solves one challenge for us to make sure information flows freely within the Club, and between the department, between the teams, within the stops. And at the same time, we want to in a way future proof ourselves when it comes to our data collection and data management where we have felt that it’s it’s really it’s gathered in different areas in different teams and in different parts of the teams. And to just to make sure it’s uniform and it’s in one place, we don’t risk losing it over time or we have it in different systems that don’t communicate with each other. Here we actually had a player management tool, but we never really got to it was built in a very different way much more focused on the football coaching side where Kitman now we replace some of that but what it really does I think is gathering all our medical fitness data and just sharing it over the sporting organisation.

I think with a with a platform with quite they have been helpful or making it our speciality in some some areas we have wanted more customisation which has been really good but also what has been really helpful is and also a big reason why we chose Kitman is that they they were very clear on these hurdles in the beginning and that they know organisations need help to get over these hurdles with reminders and setting up appointments to show us the new features because once everyday work gets going just like an a busy day today. It’s like you don’t have time some time to stop and okay what is it now we need you needle in push at times to like man, we now


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