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Security and Compliance

Last updated: July 2023

At Kitman Labs, customer trust is our top priority. We know customers care deeply about privacy and data security, that’s why our Performance Intelligence Solutions are built using industry best practices and technology. You can rest assured that your data is always secure, meets the highest international standards, and complies with the toughest regulations.


Know that your data is protected by some of the strongest internal and external privacy-by-design frameworks in the industry. At Kitman Labs, we are committed to protecting the privacy of your performance and medical data. When we process and use data, we protect it, preserve its ownership, and maintain the privacy of the person who it belongs to.

Trust and Security

Focus on your business, knowing that your athlete data is safe and reliable. Customer trust is our top priority. At Kitman Labs we are committed to providing customers with the highest level of information security management. Using our secure-by-design model, we help ensure trust and data security.


Get the assurance you need to know that our Performance Intelligence Solutions meet the latest industry and security standards. We regularly check compliance through external reviews and audits and follow one common framework, including data security and privacy regulations, worldwide.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System

Kitman Labs Performance Intelligence Solutions are certified against ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 27701:2019 standards.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 outlines and provides the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS), specifies a set of best practices, and details the security controls that can help manage information risks.

ISO/IEC 27701 is an international standard that provides guidance on the protection of privacy, including how organizations should manage personal information. It also outlines a framework for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Controllers and PII Processors to manage privacy controls to reduce the risk to the privacy rights of individuals.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a global membership of 163 national standards bodies. The ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards helps organizations keep their information assets secure.

Kitman Labs certification was issued and is continually assessed by Certification Europe, an independent and accredited certification body based in Ireland.


Kitman Labs Launches ‘the Football Intelligence Platform’ For Premier League Academies

Kitman Labs will provide all Premier League club academies with a centralized, fully integrated ‘Football Intelligence Platform’ designed to aggregate and mobilize player and staff data across coaching, medical, sports science, operations, recruitment, player care, and education.