ANNOUNCEMENT: Kitman Labs Announces Deal with Legendary Irish Hurling County, Kilkenny.  LEARN MORE

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more than an emr. beyond an athlete management system.


Turn intelligence into your competitive advantage.

iP is the only operating system that unifies all processes, data and organisations.


A centralised cloud-based platform designed to aggregate thousands of data points and integrate hundreds of data providers and vendors into a single, interactive advanced operating system for your entire organisation.

Core solutions

Don’t be exposed by legacy EMR Systems. Address compliance and risk management while securing the data to enable consistent and accurate decision-making.

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Medical history

Get a complete, compliant and secure view of medical history, status and care in a centralized, easy to use medical hub.


Capture detailed information about injuries and manage all related documentation, diagnostics and progression through recovery.


Flexible system to track, communicate player availability due to injury, illness, time off  and analyze injury burden for an objective view of the true impact injuries have on game and training availability.

Wellness & RPE Collection

Collect individual data via smartphone or on-site kiosk including physical and mental status, recovery, and feedback on training.

TreatmenT & rehab Management

Quickly and easily create, update, and communicate individual care programs and preventative maintenance in a centralized, flexible hub.

Assessment & testing

Collect ratings, reviews, testing data and more with qualitative inputs and quantitative scoring to ensure complete context about each individual.

Feature add-ons

Use machine learning to assess which players are at heightened risk and why. Focus on who needs the most attention, and get actionable intelligence to address the root causes that are creating the risk.

Through the Intelligence Platform, staff can send/receive electronic diagnostic orders and results from their provider. This is done seamlessly, allowing you to maintain all diagnostics in one place. Kitman Labs integrates with thousands of healthcare providers across the US.

Robust, centralized capability that allows users to track, log, dispense, prescribe, and manage stock for medications.

Features can be added on to associated Solutions. Talk to us for additional details.

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Combine game, training, gym, physical testing and other data with medical data to create a complete picture of each individual’s status, development and goals.

Metric management & Analysis

Centralise all training, gym, testing, and other data and configure how you create, view and manage associated metrics.


Build and track detailed plans for training sessions aligned to the principles of play for each organisation's unique playing style.


View a centralised schedule of what is being done and when at team, player, coach, and practitioner levels from high-level down to the details.

Wellness & RPE Collection

Collect data via smartphone or on-site kiosk about physical and mental status, recovery, and feedback on training.


Track game minutes by position, and receive contextual indicators like whether one played up an age group or down.


Evaluate the true burden of injuries and track, communicate and analyse participation in training, game, and other activities.

Feature add-ons

Help your coaches and staff determine and customise the microcycle they want to monitor, for any period of time.

Features can be added on to associated Solutions. Talk to us for additional details.

Give your coaches the tools they need to systemise their talent pipeline and drive player and team success by tracking development, benchmarks and participation for every athlete on the team.

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Set individual goals and create action plans across all elements of play and physical/mental development.


Understand the impact of injuries on availability to inform how activities should be limited, modified or not performed due to injury.

Benchmarks & pipeline analysis

See a holistic, data-led view of where an individual athlete is now, where they've been, and how they stack up to others.


Collect growth and maturation data for each individual  (including academy), tracking factors around puberty to support better decision-making.


Track game minutes by position, and receive contextual indicators like whether a player played up an age group or down.


Leverage and review past players’ data to uncover the ideal pathway for current players. Identify key phases of the player lifecycle.

Feature add-ons

Reverse engineer successful professional players to help identify the characteristics needed at each development phase. Build out curriculums and training plans for successful development.

Features can be added on to associated Solutions. Talk to us for additional details.

Streamline league-wide processes and track player, personnel and team activity from day-to-day activities to broad-based planning across the entire season.


Allow players to register for a given league, and provide all necessary information required by the league.

Fixture management

Establish and track waivers and consents required from players, coaches and officials in order to participate; flag issues for resolution.


Track disciplinary actions and enforce follow-on restrictions and penalties for players.


Make it easy for coaches and officials to register for a league, and provide all necessary information required by the league.


Input and track game rosters and report on game outcomes, goals/assists, and discipline.

player passport

Share medical data between teams in real time when players transfer to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Feature add-ons

Receive and automatically process payments for player registration.

Features can be added on to associated Solutions. Talk to us for additional details.

150+ Integrations
and Counting

Get your data in, so you can get your insights out.

  • Manage all of your data and data streams in a single platform
  • Streamline and automate workflows across the entire organisation
  • Stay current and ahead of technology updates and advancements

Sharper Talent. Streamlined Operations.

  • Assess and identify talent, and optimise player pathways with objective, data-driven analysis of athletes.
  • Enable practitioners to make more informed and accurate player health and welfare decisions with a holistic view of each player; increase career longevity.
  • Combine necessary league functions under a single, comprehensive platform.
  • Support compliance and liability management across the league, club or academy.

Peak Performance from the top of the table to the bottom line

  • Create a single view of player health, wellness, training and development plans to drive performance strategy and outcomes.
  • Streamline and maximize the value derived from the club’s data stack to support long term franchise success and value.

From recruiting to Development, and every win in between

  • Get a complete view of student athlete physical health, nutrition and mental wellbeing.
  • Integrate with campus medical centers and coordinate rehab for injured players.
  • Unite the entire Athletic Department  with integrated software that provides a single, comprehensive view of each athlete across the program.

Outcome Stories

Oakland Roots

From Siloed to a Single View

Data was never a problem for Oakland Roots SC. But stuck with outdated spreadsheet tools and inundated with data, they weren’t able to efficiently share or learn from anything they collected. Kitman Labs gave them a consolidated view that joined together everything from practise planning to player development, giving them objective scores and ratings, and bringing together medical, technical and performance data under one roof.

Burnley F.C.

Driving Organisational Efficiency

Burnley F.C. has always seen data and tech as especially critical in the world of football, so they understand that the organisational structure around data is as important as the data itself. With Kitman Labs, Burnley has been able to create efficiency in all their departments, from sports science to recruitment and coaching, and to bring those departments together with a single view of data across the organisation.

Malmö FF

Future Proofing the Organisation

Malmo FF has been around for over 100 years, but their focus remains steadily on the future. Their player management tools had limited scope and capabilities, meaning they couldn’t be as forward-thinking as they needed to drive success. Switching to Kitman Labs gave them a platform that allowed information to be shared openly and the customisation to plan and change as they need to, truly future-proofing their organisation.

BK Häcken

Aiding Growth with Communication

BK Hacken has been one of Sweden’s most prominent football clubs for over 80 years, but as they moved into the present day, they found that data was increasingly getting lost through gaps in communication. Integrating Kitman Labs across the organisation allowed the club to learn and share from a single view, enhancing communication from the Academy through to the first team, and simplifying the entire data-sharing process.

Kitman Labs and the Columbus Crew are both deeply committed to fundamentally changing how data is used in sport to optimise performance, reduce injury risk, support operations, and ultimately drive success across every aspect of the organisation, from the First Team, through Crew 2 and to the Academy.
There is so much potential working in our Intelligence Platform. It’s not a one size fits all solution, anything is possible to determine when we start to analyse the data. It’s helped our team immensely cut down on our morning meetings, and [gives us] more time to spend on the pitch.
The Intelligence Platform has given us a data system that we can call our own, and the Kitman Labs team itself has been great with helping us make sense of it all, while also giving us a push in areas where we could be doing even more with our data.

Tim Bezbatchenko

President & General Manager

Jan Müller

Performance & Rehab Trainer

Andreas Georgson

Technical Director


Kitman Labs Announces Deal with Legendary Irish Hurling County, Kilkenny

They will be the first hurling team in the Gaelic Athletic Association to deploy iP and integrate medical, performance, and talent development data into one advanced operating system.