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Profiler uses statistical analysis, scientific research and industry experience to help
your back-office team highlight, manage, and reduce the risk of injury in professional athletes.

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Athlete management. Changed forever.

We have developed new technologies to help elite sports organisations reduce injuries amongst their athletes and get them ready to perform.

By collecting known indicators of the risk of injury and using sophisticated statistical analysis, Profiler can help highlight the risk of injury within an athletic group. In pre-launch trials over a three year period, there was a 30-32% reduction in the occurrence of injury per season.

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Industry led. Academically proven.

In collaboration with some of the largest names in sport, we have developed systems which leverage the known indicators of the risk of injury.

Professional sport isn't your normal working environment, and sports software must be tailor made with that in mind. Profiler has been built in collaboration with elite sporting institutes so that it fits in seamlessly with the high pressure environment of professional sport.

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Predictive analytics. Highlighting risk.

Get to the most important information first with our Risk Profiler, which highlights only the alerting variables on an athlete deemed at risk.

Using carefully collected athlete data, the system learns and improves over time. It uses machine learning techniques, similar to how advanced artificial intelligence works, to assess changes in athelete data and alert when those changes pose an injury risk.

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