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Every Team Is Unique

"Kitman Labs have the ability, tools and staff to provide truly bespoke performance solutions. We've created a product completely tailored to our workflows and environments, across men, women and youth. It supports our staff to work the way they need, not the other way round"
Ben Smith
Chelsea FC

Your performance solution should be as unique as you are. We take the time to understand everything about you – your goals, your challenges, your philosophy, your data. From there, we deliver a Bespoke High Performance Model that fits your team’s style and puts you on the fastest path to success.


Your Needs Today Will Change Tomorrow

Your technology should never hold you back. Our solutions operate at the speed of sport, allowing you to get up and running fast, and instantly adapt to inevitable changes and new ideas in your team. And our practitioner-led innovation team is continually enhancing our analytics and platform to power the fast-paced evolution of performance.

Accelerate Your Path To Success With The Performance Intelligence Platform

Our bespoke analytics will help you understand the drivers of performance for your unique game style. And our platform, tailored just for you, provides the tools to turn these insights into individualized performance plans and real-time impact for your individual athletes. 

Learn more about the Performance Intelligence Platform

and talent identification at all levels
about real-time recommendations
less on collecting, transferring data
with coaches, athletes and front office

Multiply Your Team with Ours

We’ve walked in your shoes, we understand your environment, we know what success looks like. By partnering with us, you instantly add a team of expert performance practitioners, sports scientists and data scientists to your team.

We’ll be there at every step of your journey to provide support, resources and ideas.

"By partnering with Kitman Labs we have essentially added an external sports science department that understands our objectives, increases our capacity, and helps us execute on our mission."
Ed Lippie
AS Roma

Experience the New Standard of Support

To us, support is more than helping you log in or build new pages. So we’ve redefined support to something bigger. Our goal? Achieve success on the field as a team and off the field as an organization. 


Aligns everyone around a common definition of performance and success

Analytical support

Puts world-class data scientists on your team to increase the impact of your data

applied Support

Delivers  advice  from our  sports scientists to ensure  our systems work for you


Ensures everything is running smoothly and that you have the latest and greatest.

"Our environment is complex - we have multiple sports with multiple teams, all with unique goals and needs. Kitman Labs brought a unique strategic perspective that helped us tackle this complexity and create alignment at all levels on how we execute our performance philosophy with their platform. They used their experience across hundreds of teams to create the right solution for us and continue to focus on achieving the overall goals of our program.”
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David Hesse
IMG Academy

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