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an evolution in athlete monitoring software.

Coaching &

From individual player success to planning and evaluating the entire team, turn planning and progress into victory.

Coaching & Development
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Turn Knowledge into wins.

Between individual player development, player health and overall team planning and tracking, coaches deal with a vast stream of unstructured data.

Kitman Labs gives coaching staff and the broader organization the infrastructure and insights that lead to more success over time.

Player engagement

Through the Athlete App, players can manually log data on their end, and view their custom profiles with respect to performance and training goals.

Outcome Stories

Oakland Roots

From Siloed to a Single View

Data was never a problem for Oakland Roots SC. But stuck with outdated spreadsheet tools and inundated with data, they weren’t able to efficiently share or learn from anything they collected. Kitman Labs gave them a consolidated view that joined together everything from practice planning to player development, giving them objective scores and ratings, and bringing together medical, technical and performance data under one roof.

Burnley F.C.

Driving Organizational Efficiency

Burnley F.C. has always seen data and tech as especially critical in the world of football, so they understand that the organizational structure around data is as important as the data itself. With Kitman Labs, Burnley has been able to create efficiency in all their departments, from sports science to recruitment and coaching, and to bring those departments together with a single view of data across the organization.

Malmö FF

Future Proofing the Organization

Malmo FF has been around for over 100 years, but their focus remains steadily on the future. Their player management tools had limited scope and capabilities, meaning they couldn’t be as forward-thinking as they needed to drive success. Switching to Kitman Labs gave them a platform that allowed information to be shared openly and the customization to plan and change as they need to, truly future-proofing their organization.

This partnership represents a significant development in how clubs and the Premier League can use data to support elite player development and personal growth across all club academies.
Kitman Labs and the Columbus Crew are both deeply committed to fundamentally changing how data is used in sport to optimize performance, reduce injury risk, support operations, and ultimately drive success across every aspect of the organization, from the First Team, through Crew 2 and to the Academy.
There is so much potential working in our Intelligence Platform. It’s not a one size fits all solution, anything is possible to determine when we start to analyze the data. It’s helped our team immensely cut down on our morning meetings, and [gives us] more time to spend on the pitch.

Tony Scholes

Chief Football Officer

Tim Bezbatchenko

President & General Manager

Jan Müller

Performance & Rehab Trainer



Kitman Labs expands its relationship with the English Premier League side Fulham FC to include medical and performance data across the Men’s and Women’s First Teams. The Club will utilize Performance Medicine, Performance Optimization, and Coaching & Development Solutions.