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Collaboration, speed, intelligence in one advanced operating system born from the world of Rugby.  Eliminate silos. Convert data into action.  Power performance outcomes on the pitch and off.

Unify your data, processes and people with ip: Intelligence platform

Get the complete picture of your
team and players with combined medical and performance data.

Systemize your talent development pipeline.

Streamline and centralize departmental
operations and logistics.


solution capabilities


Give your head of medical and medical staff the single view they need with performance medicine software that goes far beyond basic compliance and the limitations of a traditional EMR.


Flexible system to track, communicate player availability due to injury, illness, time off and analyze injury burden for an objective view of the true impact injuries have on game and training availability.


Digitize, track, report and alert on data and qualitative feedback for various screenings including concussion baselines, concussion assessments and other medical test protocols.


Capture detailed information about injuries and manage all related documentation, diagnostics and progression through recovery.


Flexible, easy to build reports and dashboards to analyze all aspects of medical data at every level - organization, group, individual - and deep dive into injuries - injury incidence, who was injured, how injuries occurred, and the impact of injuries on availability and time loss.


View and get alerts from a customizable, metric-driven player profile showing a player’s current status, trends, and benchmarks relative to other players on injuries, medical tests and assessments, wellness and more.


Quickly and easily create, update, and communicate player care programs and preventative maintenance with a centralized, flexible tool.

Feature add-ons

Risk advisor

Use machine learning to assess which players are at heightened risk and why. Focus on who needs the most attention, and get actionable intelligence to address the root causes that are creating the risk.

Healthcare systems integration

Through the Intelligence Platform, staff can send/receive electronic diagnostic orders and results from their provider. This is done seamlessly, allowing you to maintain all diagnostics in one place. Kitman Labs integrates with thousands of healthcare providers across the US.

Medication Management & Governance

Robust, centralized capability that allows users to track, log, dispense, prescribe and manage stock for medications.

Features can be added on to associated Solutions. Talk to us for additional details. *U.S. Only.


Prepare players for your team’s principles and frameworks with tools and insights that give you a complete picture of each athlete.


Build a complete picture of each player across any metric critical to performance. Assess where they are now, where they've been and how they stack up to others.

Player status

See which athletes need attention with a configurable, consolidated snapshot of key player metrics and player status against those metrics.

session planning

Build and track detailed plans for training sessions aligned to your organization's unique playing style. Simplify communication across the organization and align everyone on the goals of each session.


Get a 360° view of team-wide activity, trends, and status about practice activity, wellbeing, recovery and game performance. Configurable reporting and analysis of various position levels in your organization makes it easy to sort and manage all data.


Collect ratings, reviews, testing data and assessment data from coaches, performance staff, medical staff, and more from a phone, tablet or computer. Scoring is quantitative and input is qualitative to ensure complete context about a player is documented and available.

Participation Management

Track, communicate and analyze player participation levels in training and games - full to modified to partial – with a flexible management system.

Coaching and

From individual player development and success to holistic, organization-wide planning, turn your coaching and talent strategy into sustained competitiveness and growth.

Development Principles & Curriculum Management

Systemize pathways and create repeatable success with a syllabus for every phase of development aligned with your principles of play or characteristics needed in the transfer market.


Set individual goals and action plans to optimize technical, tactical, physical/mental and social development. Use training, game, classroom, nutrition and wellness data to objectively measure progress.

Assessments & Benchmarking

Collect and integrate ratings, reviews, and testing data to evaluate player performance and development against other players and cohorts.

Session Planning & Analysis

Create and communicate training plans aligned with performance and development objectives; track and analyze session activities and quality as well as player participation and assessments.

Game Planning & Analysis

Build and share game rosters; track and analyze game results, team formations, player performance, minutes, and disciplinary actions.

Communication & Player Engagement

Connect with players, coaches, and staff through real-time messaging and centralized calendar management.



Streamline league-wide processes and track player, personnel and team activity from day-to-day activities to broad-based planning across the entire season.

Player registration

Allow players to register for a given league, and provide all necessary information required by the league.

Staff & officials registration

Make it easy for staff and officials to register for a league, and provide all necessary information required by the league.

Fixture management

View schedules and location details and request/negotiate changes with other teams in a centralized, automated system.

match reporting

Build and generate reports on game details such as goals or assists, discipline, and eligibility.


Track disciplinary actions and enforce follow-on restrictions and penalties for players.

digital match rosters

Input and track game rosters to generate customised reports and share them with match officials.


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a Kitman Labs Client

Kitman Labs and the Columbus Crew are both deeply committed to fundamentally changing how data is used in sport to optimize performance, reduce injury risk, support operations, and ultimately drive success across every aspect of the organization, from the First Team, through Crew 2 and to the Academy.
The Intelligence Platform has given us a data system that we can call our own, and the Kitman Labs team itself has been great with helping us make sense of it all, while also giving us a push in areas where we could be doing even more with our data.
There is so much potential working in our Intelligence Platform. It’s not a one size fits all solution, anything is possible to determine when we start to analyze the data. It’s helped our team immensely cut down on our morning meetings, and [gives us] more time to spend on the pitch.

Tim Bezbatchenko

President & General Manager

Andreas Georgson

Technical Director

Jan Müller

Performance & Rehab Trainer

Outcome Stories

Oakland Roots

From Siloed to a Single View

Data was never a problem for Oakland Roots SC. But stuck with outdated spreadsheet tools and inundated with data, they weren’t able to efficiently share or learn from anything they collected. Kitman Labs gave them a consolidated view that joined together everything from practice planning to player development, giving them objective scores and ratings, and bringing together medical, technical and performance data under one roof.

Burnley F.C.

Driving Organizational Efficiency

Burnley F.C. has always seen data and tech as especially critical in the world of football, so they understand that the organizational structure around data is as important as the data itself. With Kitman Labs, Burnley has been able to create efficiency in all their departments, from sports science to recruitment and coaching, and to bring those departments together with a single view of data across the organization.

Malmö FF

Future Proofing the Organization

Malmo FF has been around for over 100 years, but their focus remains steadily on the future. Their player management tools had limited scope and capabilities, meaning they couldn’t be as forward-thinking as they needed to drive success. Switching to Kitman Labs gave them a platform that allowed information to be shared openly and the customization to plan and change as they need to, truly future-proofing their organization.



Bayer Leverkusen Renews and Expands Deal with Kitman Labs ‘Intelligence Platform’

On the heels of winning the Bundesliga championship title – the first in Club history – a European record-setting winning run and a six-year pre-existing partnership with Kitman Labs, Bayer Leverkusen announces the extension and expansion of their relationship with Kitman Labs to include the entire Academy.