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redefining sports league management software.


Streamlines league-wide processes, personnel, and teams throughout the season.

Operate with efficiency.

Drive operational efficiencies across your league and clubs with integrated tools for player, schedule and game administration.

Streamline daily operations and improve the quality of talent and play at every level while delivering an elevated experience for staff and players.


Allow players to register for a given league, and provide all necessary information required by the league.


Make it easy for coaches and officials to register for a league, and provide all necessary information required by the league.


View schedules and location details and request/negotiate changes with other teams in a centralized, automated system.


Input and track game rosters to generate customised reports and share them with match officials.


Track disciplinary actions and enforce follow-on restrictions and penalties for players.


Build and generate reports on game details such as goals or assists, discipline , and eligibility.

Registration Payments

Receive and automatically process payments for player registration.


Player Passport

Secure system to transfer player data from one team to the next - keeping the complete medical history and sharing the appropriate data for the appropriate amount of time (tryouts, trades, free agency signings); also allows teams and players to securely export medical records.

Outcome Stories

Oakland Roots

From Siloed to a Single View

Data was never a problem for Oakland Roots SC. But stuck with outdated spreadsheet tools and inundated with data, they weren’t able to efficiently share or learn from anything they collected. Kitman Labs gave them a consolidated view that joined together everything from practice planning to player development, giving them objective scores and ratings, and bringing together medical, technical and performance data under one roof.

Burnley F.C.

Driving Organizational Efficiency

Burnley F.C. has always seen data and tech as especially critical in the world of football, so they understand that the organizational structure around data is as important as the data itself. With Kitman Labs, Burnley has been able to create efficiency in all their departments, from sports science to recruitment and coaching, and to bring those departments together with a single view of data across the organization.

Malmö FF

Future Proofing the Organization

Malmo FF has been around for over 100 years, but their focus remains steadily on the future. Their player management tools had limited scope and capabilities, meaning they couldn’t be as forward-thinking as they needed to drive success. Switching to Kitman Labs gave them a platform that allowed information to be shared openly and the customization to plan and change as they need to, truly future-proofing their organization.

Kitman Labs is a world-class technology company, and by teaming up with them, we are excited for the opportunity to utilize next-generation technology to power our entire MLS NEXT operation.
Kitman Labs and the Columbus Crew are both deeply committed to fundamentally changing how data is used in sport to optimize performance, reduce injury risk, support operations, and ultimately drive success across every aspect of the organization, from the First Team, through Crew 2 and to the Academy.
The Intelligence Platform has given us a data system that we can call our own, and the Kitman Labs team itself has been great with helping us make sense of it all, while also giving us a push in areas where we could be doing even more with our data.

Justin Bokmeyer

General Manager

Tim Bezbatchenko

President & General Manager

Andreas Georgson

Technical Director


Kitman Labs Joins ‘More than Equal’ Quest To Develop First Female Formula 1 Champion

More than Equal’s mission is to close the gender gap in motor sports and find and develop the first female Formula 1 world champion. They will now have an advanced operating system to centralize data for female drivers participating in More than Equal’s pioneering Development Programme.