Real-time AMS

Get answers when you need them. Make decisions when they matter.

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Kitman Labs reduces this risk, and helps us to make decisions by combining the objective insights from the system with our own experience. Having the information immediately available has already improved our line of communication, keeping the team aligned and focused on achieving long-term performance objectives.
Jeroen Peters
FC Utrecht

Built by practitioners for practitioners

We understand the sports environment – the pace, the complexities, the relationships, and ultimately what’s on the line. We raised the bar on what you should expect from an AMS:


Get up and running quickly with a  out of the box solution uniquely configured for your team


Configure forms, dashboards, reports and more to fit your workflow, your team, your coaches, your staff


Change anytime you need to change to take into account everything from new athletes to new data to new coaches


Move right into outcome-driven analytics when you are ready with confidence your data is ready, too. 

Get the right information and context you need, when you need it


Get the real-time story

Instantly see who’s ready, to perform, who’s at risk of underperforming, who needs to be pushed, and who needs to be monitored.

  • Real-time alerts
  • Status and availability
  • Context just a click away
Progress reporting

Get the Bigger Picture

Assessing where athletes have come from is critical to know where your’re going. Flexible reporting and dashboards empowers you to quickly understand  progress, changes, roadblocks at an athlete, position or squad level. 


Get Individual

Understand strengths and weaknesses for each indidvual athlete to identify where you need to focus improvements and where can maintain. 







data exploration

Get Answers. And more Answers.

Get the answer to the questions you’re asked. Right away. Explore data about athletes, positions, groups and teams in seconds. 

Have more questions? With one or two clicks you can pivot, add people, squads, or metrics, change timeline. 


Get on the same page

Simplify communication to every one in your organization. Realtime access to:

  • Real-time centralized status, availability, changes in programs
  • Individual and team messaging 
  • File and video sharing


We believe data integration should be simple and fast. We have a whole team continually working on connecting to different sports platforms and data sources so you don’t have to. With a large and ever growing number of real-time APIs in the industry, you can spend less time wrangling your data and more time taking advantage of it. 

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