Dynamic Medical Records

An emr that Works for you.

"We believe that data transformed into objective insights is key to building a high performance framework that results in consistent gold star performance. We chose Kitman Labs for their unique approach to performance and health analytics that will help us understand immediately what most influences athlete readiness and in-game results today and also underpin a dynasty in the future."
Mike Brewer
Head Coach

Sports medicine is evolving away from documentation of injuries and compliance to a strategic role, working side by side with S&Cs, Coaches, and Sports Science to optimize performance. We hear that many teams and leagues are blocked from progressing by their EMR. Data and effort goes in, little value comes out, and it’s impossible to progress up the performance medicine path.

Kitman Labs provides a modern, dynamic EMR that goes to work for you and propels your performance medicine efforts forward.  It’s flexible, customizable, and gives you the tools to meet today’s requirements – quantify the impact of injuries, collaborate on planning, contribute to real-time decision making on load management, recovery, and ultimately impact performance.

medical data entry

Simplify Your

Through easy to use configurable tools that map to how you work, saving you time while enabling you to collect more comprehensive & contextual data. Spend less time at your computer and more time with your athletes.

Workflow tools

Improve communication and decision making

With technology that operates at the speed of sport. Real-time updates & notifications allow for instant communication with coaches, management, and athletes improving proactive decision-making to improve athlete management.

Flexible reporting

Redefine Best Practices Through Research

By learning about your unique medical profile, the types of injuries that are affecting your athletes, who they are affecting and the impact they are having. Turn your medical data into a living breathing research database helping you get better every day.


Our first step? Listening to you about what you need.

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