ANNOUNCEMENT: Kitman Labs Announces Deal with Legendary Irish Hurling County, Kilkenny.  LEARN MORE


Soccer Science Podcast with Darcy Norman

Darcy Norman, World Cup winning performance coach, joins The Soccer Science Podcast to share some of his experiences from the highest levels of professional soccer.

Convergence: Coaches, Experience, Performance Data

This week, we’re excited to welcome both Michael Cheika (World Rugby Coach of the Year award recipient) and Brad Harrington (NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes) in an engaging discussion on creating better cross-departmental collaboration.

Interconnected: Achieving Success Through Shared Vision and Shared Insights

Stephen Smith welcomes Rick George, Athletic Director for the University of Colorado. In this engaging conversation, Stephen and Rick cover: Aligning staff, students and administration around a mission and vision Rick’s vision for developing the WHOLE  athlete and the role of data in athlete development The importance of the right technology to support and achieve […]

Modernizing High Performance, Part II

In this second segment of a two-part series, Kitman CEO Stephen Smith continues his conversation with Chicago Cubs High performance Director Adam Beard who gives advice on modernizing high performance organizations. Other highlights include: Leveraging data and analytics for decision-making How the right partner can support your organization in thinking fast and slow The yin […]

Modernizing High Performance, Part I

In the first of an exclusive two-part series, Kitman CEO Stephen Smith talks with Chicago Cubs High Performance Director Adam Beard who provides highlights from his research on performance, discusses the role of high performance directors, and more. Having worked in the AFL, Olympic sports, international rugby, NFL and MLB, Adam has brought his unique […]

How Performance Departments Can More Effectively Engage with Coaches

In 2020’s final episode of The Game Changer Podcast,  NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes’ High Performance Manager, Brad Harrington speaks with Kitman Labs Performance Scientist John Dams about high performance. He shares his advice on how performance departments can more effectively engage with coaches. Key takeaways for this podcast include: Debunking the myth that coaches don’t care about […]

The New Performance Science Opportunity

Stephen Smith, Founder and CEO of Kitman Labs, welcomes Martin Buchheit, a renowned sports science researcher, and published author, to Kitman Labs as the new Head of Performance Research. In this lively discussion, the two talk about the past, present, and future of performance science, data, sports research, and how teams create highly collaborative, data-driven […]


Kitman Labs Announces Deal with Legendary Irish Hurling County, Kilkenny

They will be the first hurling team in the Gaelic Athletic Association to deploy iP and integrate medical, performance, and talent development data into one advanced operating system.