ANNOUNCEMENT: Kitman Labs Announces Deal with Legendary Irish Hurling County, Kilkenny.  LEARN MORE


A Sports Desert No More

We head into the dog days of August, sometimes referred to as “the sports desert” with a bit of an oasis upon us. NFL and college football training camps are starting, there is renewed interest in baseball with their rule changes, and the summer of soccer in North America continues its rise. Lionel Messi’s debut […]

The Legacy of Lasso

Richmond Til We Die… Best Practices From “Ted Lasso”, from a Kitman Labs Perspective.

Seven trends reshaping global sport

Elite sport is experiencing massive shifts in how people pursue greater higher performance on and off the pitch, and they’re coming at a pace never before seen.

The Age of Performance Intelligence

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.  – Charles Darwin The human species is amazingly adaptive to change. As Darwin’s quote states, it is not strength nor speed nor even our intelligence that is solely responsible […]

All Roads Lead to Performance

The evolution of science, technology, and data in elite sport has led to the production and collection of massive troves of information. While proper application of this data can provide an unmistakable competitive edge, there remains a distinct lack of understanding of what this information means and how we can maximize our use of it. […]

Sports Science: Is Less More For Sport Data Driven Teams?

My mother constantly told me as a child that less was more…. Granted it was possibly because I was keen on talking too much, but it’s something that I think today we can all relate to. In my opinion Sport Science is an industry that has adopted a ‘less is more’ mindset over the last 5-10 years, […]


Kitman Labs Announces Deal with Legendary Irish Hurling County, Kilkenny

They will be the first hurling team in the Gaelic Athletic Association to deploy iP and integrate medical, performance, and talent development data into one advanced operating system.