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Confronting Concussion

We built an intuitive solution that integrates all the information, from baseline testing, to testing field-side after an event, to all the information collected from follow-up tests and recovery assessments.


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The status quo technology for concussion management is fragmented. It’s time to elevate the standard of care and take the pressure of diagnosis and RTP decisions off practitioners and athletes and put it where it belongs – on objective data.

Lifelong health implications. Long-term reputational damage. Stratospheric legal costs. Across global sport, few challenges are more consequential than concussion as teams and leagues confront unrelenting pressure to protect players and maximize their availability. To perform. To win.

But organizations today rely on siloed solutions:

  • One product does baseline cognitive function testing.
  • Another is used for field-side assessment after a suspected concussive event.
  • After an event, treatments, care, and other response actions are documented in an athlete’s electronic medical records (EMR).

From one event, information is separated in at least three locations, which means they must stitch together disparate threads of information to manage and graduate athletes through return to play (RTP). Siloed data, litigation risk, lack of standards and protocols, and lack of athlete data portability make this incredibly difficult.

We have got to make this process easier – more objective. We need to bring all this information together and help people make better decisions.

A New Approach: Centralized, Integrated Data and Processes

Introducing Concussion 360, an intuitive solution that integrates all the information, from baseline testing (where practitioners can see all relevant scores of cognitive assessment), to testing field-side after an event (where results come directly into the platform and sit right alongside that baseline data), to all the information collected from follow-up tests and recovery assessments.

Especially significant, teams and leagues can put their RTP processes into the product, which can then automate the results to empower more objective understanding of whether a fit to perform. This lets them achieve fully customized RTP planning for individual players faster.

They can not only see their protocols come to life through the data they collect, they can also use that data to advocate for rule changes and new protocols that further support athlete safety.

Most of all, Concussion 360 elevates the standard of care for the athlete. It removes the pressure of RTP from both athletes and the practitioners charged with their health and safety and puts it where it belongs: on objective data and information-driven processes.

Demand from Teams and Leagues

  • Teams want to win – but never at the expense of someone’s health or career.
  • Leagues want their teams to operate with most modern standards that protect athletes, They want a solution configurable to their specific concussion protocols.
  • They want it future-proof. This is such a dynamic area of sport, and new research, new evaluations for RTP methods, and new safety protocols are surfacing constantly. A costly tool that only helps today is no help at all.

Concussion 360 Was Built by Practitioners for Practitioners.

We built Concussion 360 to aid in holistic athlete care and recovery from concussion injury. This required an intuitive platform – one that didn’t require workarounds with others.

We understood this because we’re a company of practitioners and former elite athletes. We have a dozen sports medicine professionals on staff – more than any other company operating in this space. Our subject matter experts helped develop protocols for elite clubs and ruling bodies. The doctoral research of our professional academics on staff focused exclusively on investigating the impact of concussion.

Our role is helping to elevate the standards across leagues to provide these professionals with the tools they need to protect the elite athletes entrusted to them.

Built on the Intelligence Platform

When we launched the Intelligence Platform (iP) (™), our whole purpose was helping decision-makers by giving them objective data. Concussion 360 does exactly that in the concussion diagnosis and protocol space.

Expectations and Costs are High

Expectations for elite sport organizations to be proactive on concussion are enormous. Most organizations are still trying to solve concussion with tools from a by-gone era that weren’t designed for the task.

But the world has changed: social media and 24-hour news cycles will leave them nowhere to hide if they don’t get these protocols as modern and effective as they possibly can.

One litigation case can bring huge consequences for an entire organization – fast. For example, this month the NCAA is going to trial over traumatic brain injuries with potentially hundreds of millions of dollars and more lawsuits at stake if they lose. And there have been multiple lawsuits in rugby.

Years of work, investment, training, and the best intentions can vanish in seconds. This is part of why November’s FIFA World Cup will be the first-ever to deploy an independent Concussion Assessment and Rehabilitation Service.

The costs of poor player management and litigation are so high, teams can’t afford not to get their solution as good as it can possibly be. And neither can companies like ours.

The gold standard of care and safety of athletes should be at the forefront of all organizations. Athletes – and their families – want to be somewhere where their short and long-term health is built proactively into the protocols of the organization. Concussion 360 delivers that capability.

People who love sport want to protect it. They want it to have a future, by keeping the best talent on the field with the best product on the field. We’re enormously excited to bring Concussion 360 to market to help teams and leagues do just that.



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Kitman Labs Joins ‘More than Equal’ Quest To Develop First Female Formula 1 Champion

More than Equal’s mission is to close the gender gap in motor sports and find and develop the first female Formula 1 world champion. They will now have an advanced operating system to centralize data for female drivers participating in More than Equal’s pioneering Development Programme.