Workload & Injury Monitoring in Practice

To ensure that workloads are managed appropriately in the field, coaches often rely on setting thresholds to indicate when a player may be at risk of injury. Typically, these thresholds are informed by coaches knowledge, experience, scientific research or a combination of all three. However, to date it has been difficult for coaches to test […]

Are We Running Fast Enough To Get Away From Our Injuries?

The use of global positioning systems (GPS) has grown in popularity over the past decade (1). These GPS systems are used to quantify the external load experienced by a player, allowing coaches and supporting staff to manage training stress and identify players who are in danger of injury or non-functional overreaching. The different metrics that […]


PRACTICES FOR PREVENTING HAMSTRING INJURIES Stephen Smith | CEO @ Kitman Labs  Hamstring injuries are common in intermittent sprint sports, accounting for the most injuries in rugby and soccer and the second most in American football. While the influence of lower limb parameters (quad:hamstring strength ratio, hip mobility, etc.) have been well documented, other risk […]

First Annual Injury Assessment Report

Kitman Labs monitored five professional sports teams to assess the season-over-season decrease in injuries after implementing sports science-based analytics of training and game demands combined with specific athlete response and recovery. The results show that teams experienced a dramatic decrease in the overall volume of injuries, with the greatest improvements found in the most severe […]


NCAA WELLBEING – NON SPORT STRESS Maeve Smith | Sports Scientist @ Kitman Labs “you know that while student-athletes may play games, being a student-athlete isn’t a game at all”  Brian Hainline, NCAA Chief Medical Officer Stress-injury models suggest that athletes experience more physical injuries during times of high stress. Student-athlete stress can come from […]

What you should know about overuse injuries in the ncaa

Overuse injuries, (chronic injuries) are a category of sport-related injuries that result from cumulative trauma or repetitive use and stress. Overuse injuries are often found in low-contact sports that involve repetitive movements. Females are typically at higher risk of overuse injury than males: One study that examined injury rates in 16 Division I NCAA sports […]

Decision Making in Professional Sport

Understanding the decision making process is a key element for any professional team trying to improve its outputs and, by extension, make more insightful decisions in the future. Typically, decision making processes have fallen into two domains of thought: Complex, systematic decision processes wherein knowledge and goal orientation determine direction and reference checks gauge effectiveness, […]

Predicted Workloads Vs Actual Reality in Professional Sports Teams

Predicted workloads versus actual reality, why are these both such important variables for professional sports teams to monitor? Planning and tracking workload units over a day, a week or a monthly period allows coaches to compare what actually occurred with what they would have liked to have occurred. It allows coaches to reflect upon their […]

Basketball: Common Injuries, Incidence and Aetiology

Basketball and the NBA specifically is associated with extortionate costs related to and resulting from injury. Injury cost clubs in terms of players’ time lost, rehab and resources, with a 143 million dollar loss of wages due to injury reported in the NBA. The costs can exponentiate considering the potential for games/titles lost whilst key […]

Autonomy & Perception – Psychological benefits of self-screening

Often the process of screening and monitoring weighs heavily on coach resources, the emphasis being on tracking effectiveness and ensuring accountability of training procedures as well as monitoring injury risk factors. The screening process acts as an essential learning tool for the coach to establish optimal training scheduling and assess player progression. However, the value […]