British & Irish Lions Go on Tour With Kitman Labs

British & Irish Lions Go on Tour With Kitman Labs

Kitman Labs athlete monitoring systems will be used by The British & Irish Lions to monitor the health of the 2017 squad. The Lions, who kicked off their 10-match Tour of New Zealand with an opening victory on Saturday, will rely on Kitman Labs to monitor and assess the health status of their players throughout the Tour, providing the real-time information and communication the Lions coaches need to keep athletes healthy and playing at their best.

“We focused our athlete monitoring systems for the 2017 Tour on solutions that would have the biggest impact on our performance,” said Brian Cunniffe, Sport Scientist for the British & Irish Lions. “We need to prepare and get the most out of our squad in each of our ten matches, without jeopardizing their availability. Kitman Labs’ unique solution supports this particularly since it is extremely easy for players and can be used anywhere, anytime on our busy Tour. It was a must-have component of our program.”

The Lions use Kitman Labs to collect information from players in a simple and easy way every day, even whilst traveling. Coaches get instant feedback on how the squad is coping with the unique demands of the Tour, presented in a concise and easy-to-read snapshot, whether online or on-the-go.

“These forty-one players have been hand picked to create a team with the best chance of a series win in New Zealand,” said Stephen Smith, Founder and CEO of Kitman Labs. “Kitman Labs ensures the coaches have a deep understanding of each athlete, so that as athletes respond to the stresses of games, training and travel, coaches have the real-time insights needed to make training and treatment decisions and ultimately maintain an advantage going into every game – the healthiest squad possible.”




At Kitman Labs, we’re committed to the evolution of performance. Through advanced statistical analysis, rigorous scientific research and unparalleled industry experience, our system evaluates athletic injury with unprecedented precision and embodies the cutting edge of injury risk prevention technology.

Kitman Labs works with over 150 teams worldwide, with its systems available in 30 different languages. SARU, Hurricanes, Union Bordeaux Begles, Cell C Sharks, Toyota Verblitz are among the company’s other rugby union clients. We also have partnerships with elite clubs in major sports worldwide, including Chelsea, Everton, Celtic, Rangers, UFC, National Rugby League (Australia), Buffalo Bills and New York Yankees.

Our experienced team of sports scientists understands the nuances of each sport we work with and respects the uniqueness of every team and every athlete. Our system has been designed to determine the individual needs of each user and was developed to excel in the data-driven world of elite sports. We’re committed to harnessing data enabling our users to find the true sources of injury – and to intervene before injuries ever occur.  

Kitman Labs’ Athlete Optimisation System recently won the inaugural Performance Technology of the Year prize at the prestigious BT Sport Industry Awards 2018. The System is proving increasingly popular within elite sport because, for the first time ever, individual athletes’ data is processed in one place.

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