Igniting a new era of player development across the world of sport

Coaches and their players can be more closely aligned than ever on optimizing training at the individual level with Kitman Labs’ new Talent Development solution.

Empowering players to become the best athletes they can be


There’s no “I” in “team”. But for coaches and players operating at the highest leagues across the world of sport, how they prepare at the individual level can have a massive impact on a team’s overall success, and whether they can continue to sustain it season over season. 

“We’ve consciously built a program that strengthens coaches’ independent planning capabilities and how it relates to their players’ individual development, by uniting rich, real-time data from their organization’s supporting departments–medical, performance, technology, etc–onto a single platform to allow for the creation of tailored player profiles and individualized training plans for each of their athletes,” says Stephen Smith, founder and CEO of Kitman Labs, a Dublin-based human performance company. 


Precision-based player training and development


The Talent Development solution gives coaches and their players something they’ve never actually had before: a direct connection between dynamic, custom player data and the ability to optimize training drills, tactics, and roster strategy based on such–all in one place. Coaches and players, who sometimes may be at odds on what approach works best, now can develop an answer key up front that will put both of them in position to achieve and sustain excellence at the individual and team level. The best part? It’s entirely customizable to any organization’s approach and strategy.

“The core, guiding principles behind this solution are customization and configurability. The individuality of a coaching staff and its players is what defines them, and we’re here to honor this relationship and provide them with a platform that can take it to a new level of success,” Smith says. 

Looking to learn more about Talent Development? Email Kitman Labs at science@kitmanlabs.com or visit the Talent Development Page.

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