S1 E3: Introducing data analytics into Swedish Football, Mikael Klots, Hammarby IF

Introducing analytics into Swedish Football

In this episode Kitman Labs’ VP of Operations, Kevin McLaughlin speaker with client and elite football Physiotherapist Mikael Klotz, from Hammarby Fotball.

Hammarby Fotball is one of the most forward-thinking Fotball clubs currently in Sweden, reflected by it’s organisations goals:

  1. To become a top 3 club in their league
  2. To be the leaders in Sports Science for Sweden
  3. To have world class performance facilities

In an effort to further these goals, Mikael approached Kitman Labs, a technology leader in athlete optimisation.

In this podcast Mikael shares his journey of implementing the Kitman Labs platform, and what benefits he and the staff at Hammarby Fotball have experienced after just a few months of using the Kitman Labs system.

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