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Kitman Labs Delivers Another Year of Growth and Innovation

Year over year sales double from rapid adoption of the company’s new analytics solutions


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Menlo Park, CA and Dubin, Ireland — November 15, 2019 —  Kitman Labs, the provider of Performance Intelligence Solutions to elite sports teams around the globe, today announced its 2019 product innovations, sales growth, and most recent funding.

Following the successful launch of the industry’s most advanced performance analytics, the company has more than doubled new sales and Annual Recurring Revenue. The company also closed an additional $5.1M in funding. Current investors Blue Run Ventures and Pete Kight participated, in addition to a new group of investors that bring strong strategic growth acumen to Kitman Labs that will further fuel 2020 expansion.

In the last twelve months the company opened new markets in Italy’s Serie A, Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball, and China’s CSL, and added new teams in the NHL, MLB, NCAA, MLS, Top League, Bundesliga, and EPL, including a top 3 Premier League organization. The company also entered the youth sports market and now supports the performance and health of thousands of youth athletes.

Looking to move beyond data centralization, major sports brands across the world quickly took note of Kitman Labs’ outcome-driven approach to using data to meet performance goals and support strategic club objectives.

“We recognized that simply collecting and monitoring data does not produce a competitive advantage in the professional sports world. Therefore, as part of our high-performance evolutionary process at AS Roma we were looking for a partner to help us maximize our data collection efforts by adding a superior analytics component,” said Ed Lippie, Senior Performance Advisor for Serie A team AS Roma.

Lippie continued, “By partnering with Kitman Labs we have essentially added an external sports science department that understands our objectives, provides insights that impact better decision making, increases our capacity and helps us execute on our mission.”

Ongoing innovations by the company, led by a powerful combination of world-class data scientists, sports performance and medical practitioners and product design experts have culminated in a modern Performance Intelligence Platform with analytics to uncover the drivers of on-field success and the only real-time athlete management capabilities that turn analytical insights into immediate impact. In recognition of these market-leading advancements, in 2019, Fast Company named Kitman Labs as one of the most innovative companies in the world.

“Everything we do starts and ends with a team’s performance,” said Stephen Smith, Kitman Labs Founder and CEO. “Our solutions are researched and built from this principle and our best practices ensure we provide the support our customers need to achieve their desired outcomes. We significantly enhanced all aspects of our Performance Intelligence Platform this year to ensure teams can take every opportunity to make an impact on performance, quickly adjust to changes, and answer their most important questions.”

Advances in the Performance Intelligence Platform this year include:

  • Enhanced analytic techniques to handle the challenging nature of sports data, incorporating state-of-the-art statistical and machine learning methodologies to uncover the drivers of performance and injury, and highlight the impact of training on performance outcomes and goals
  • New flexible and dynamic visualization tools that deliver information in meaningful ways to users and can be instantly adapted to answer questions that are critical to real-time decision making
  • API-level integrations with the leading sports technology solutions to reduce  the time and effort needed to consolidate and leverage data
  • A modern, consumer-grade user interface, focused on speed, simplicity, and efficiency across all devices

Kitman Labs also received ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification from Certification Europe for its information security management system (ISMS) capabilities and processes. The ISO 27001 certification is an internationally recognized security standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The standard specifies best practices and emphasizes the measurement, evaluation and constant improvement of an organization’s ISMS.

Smith continued, “With this certification, our customers can trust that their athlete data is protected by technology and processes that conform to the world’s toughest security standards. We’ve focused significant resources in security and privacy so that the teams using our platform can focus their resources on achieving their goals.”

To learn more about how Kitman helps elite sports teams worldwide succeed, visit the Kitman Labs Knowledge Center, follow The Game Changer podcast,  or read about Kitman in the news.

About Kitman Labs

Kitman Labs is the leader in performance intelligence solutions for elite sports teams. Founded in 2012 with the vision to fundamentally change how the sports industry uses data to increase athlete availability and on-field success, Kitman Labs has consistently set the standard for performance and injury analytics. With over 200 years of performance, medical sports science, and data science expertise, Kitman Labs delivers immediate and ongoing performance and business results. Kitman Labs powers over 150 elite teams across the NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, NCAA, English Premier League, Bundesliga, Pro14, Premiership Rugby, NRL, Chinese Super League and more. The company has offices in Silicon Valley, Dublin, and Sydney.


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