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Canberra Raiders Partner With Kitman Labs to Optimise Athlete Performance


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Kitman Labs, Silicon Valley’s leading sports science technology company, today announced that the Canberra Raiders have implemented the [ Intelligence Platform (iP)™ ] to optimise athlete performance and reduce injuries. The Raiders will centralize all player and injury data in AOS, providing instant visibility to all coaches and medical staff on athlete status and ability to link injuries to workload and response data to drive the right training and conditioning strategies that will keep players on the field and the team performing optimally.

“We cannot speak more highly about the Kitman Labs system and the exceptional service they have provided”, said Nigel Ashley-Jones, Canberra Raiders Performance Director. “We are excited about working with Kitman Labs in not only our quest for success in the NRL, but also in assisting Kitman in becoming the world leader in athlete performance optimisation.”

Canberra Raiders partner with Kitman Labs

The Raiders implemented Kitman Labs in just a few short days. The Raiders are screening players daily, improving data collection and giving coaches information about player status and well-being. That data is instantly available to coaches, alongside GPS and injury data, giving a complete view of athletes and allowing coaches to quickly assess and agree on daily strategies and focus their time on working with athletes to advance and progress, rather than manual data entry, data mining, and communications.

“Our research shows that each sport and each team is unique, which means each team needs to effectively analyze their data and injuries to optimise performance safely and keep players playing, ” said Stephen Smith, Founder and CEO of Kitman Labs. “We’re excited to enter the Australian market and use our unique technology to support the Raiders team goals and also support the overall NRL injury surveillance project.”

About Kitman Labs

Kitman Labs is the Intelligence Platform provider for elite sports teams and military organizations. Founded in 2012 with the vision to fundamentally change how the performance industry uses data to power performance, health, development, and talent strategy, Kitman Labs has consistently set the standard for innovation, data integration, design, and analytics. With over 100  Performance Experts with backgrounds in coaching, medical, sports science, and data science, Kitman Labs provides unparalleled expertise and support. Over 700 elite teams across the NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A Bundesliga, Pro14, Premiership Rugby, and Japan’s Top League use the company’s platform. The company has a presence in the United States, Ireland, United Kingdom, Central Europe, Australia and Japan. For more information visit:

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Kitman Labs Launches ‘the Football Intelligence Platform’ For Premier League Academies

Kitman Labs will provide all Premier League club academies with a centralized, fully integrated ‘Football Intelligence Platform’ designed to aggregate and mobilize player and staff data across coaching, medical, sports science, operations, recruitment, player care, and education.