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Kitman Labs Acquires Presagia Sports

Acquisition Accelerates the Intelligence-Powered Future of Sports


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Menlo Park, CA — July 14, 2021 — Kitman Labs, the global sport intelligence platform, announced today that it has acquired Presagia Sports from Presagia Corporation. The acquisition of Presagia Sports’ Athlete Electronic Health Record business furthers the Kitman Labs mission to empower sports organizations to consolidate all athlete data and operations into a single platform and unite every department around shared intelligence to improve talent strategy, athlete development, performance, and health.

“Sports medicine is at an exciting inflection point driven by exploding volumes of sports data combined with the demand to eliminate silos and integrate medical insights into performance and coaching decisions” said Stephen Smith, Founder and CEO, Kitman Labs. “We are excited to partner with Presagia Sports clients to create the future of their sports medicine programs by further developing their EMR capabilities and creating a united approach across all departments.”

The acquisition expands Kitman Labs’ presence in the United States with the addition of over 110 NCAA universities, youth sports programs, and sports clinics. Presagia Sports clients include: the Pac-12 and all of their member institutions, Clemson University, Florida State University, and University of Georgia. They join a network of 600 elite teams around the world using Kitman Labs to achieve their on and off the field objectives.

“The innovation needed to allow EMR users to do more, do it faster, and do it in their own unique way is at an all new level” said Rene Beaudoin, CEO of Presagia Corporation. “We are thrilled to have found the right partner for our sports clients in Kitman Labs, who has a powerful vision for the market and offers incredible resources with deep knowledge of sports. This will allow us to strategically focus on our rapidly growing Absence Management business which enables employers to compliantly and efficiently manage the 600+ leave laws in the U.S. and Canada, all while knowing our sports clients are in excellent hands.”

The acquisition also adds to the Kitman Labs data landscape, the industry’s largest data set of health, performance, youth development, coaching, physical, and psychological data. The company’s Performance Intelligence Research Initiative and Data Science teams harness the data to deliver unique insights about injuries, preparation, performance, development, and recruiting, in and across Kitman Labs partners.

“Our unparalleled data set powers accelerated R&D and the delivery of unrivaled analytics to the market,” said Smith. “More data across age groups means better research on the youth to professional lifecycle. The added data from hundreds of organizations also allows us to advance our analytics offerings around injury risk, improving the well-being and career longevity of athletes across the globe.”

This transaction follows Kitman Labs’ 2020 acquisition of The Sports Office, a pioneer in athlete data management. For more information, visit

About Kitman Labs
Kitman Labs is the Intelligence Platform (iP) provider for elite sports teams. Founded in 2012 with the vision to fundamentally change how the sports industry uses data to achieve on and off-field success, Kitman Labs has consistently set the standard for innovation, data integration, design, and analytics. With over 50 Performance Experts with backgrounds in coaching, medical, sports science, and data science, Kitman Labs provides unparalleled expertise and support. Over 700 elite teams across the NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A Bundesliga, Pro14, Premiership Rugby, and Japan’s Top League use the company’s platform. The company has a presence in the United States, Ireland, United Kingdom, Central Europe, Australia and Japan. For more information visit:

About Presagia
Founded in 1987, Presagia has a long history of helping organizations solve complex health and business problems with easy-to-use, cloud-based solutions. Presagia Sports is our world-class Athlete Electronic Health Record system leveraged by Olympic organizations, professional sports teams, performance arts organizations, sports medicine clinics, school districts, high schools and universities to optimize how they manage athlete health. Presagia also provides cloud-based absence management solutions that enable employers to efficiently manage employee absence while complying with more than 500 U.S. federal, state and local leave rules and 150 Canadian federal and provincial leave rules. Doing so, employers, from small businesses up to fortune 500 companies, reduce legal risk, lower absence costs, gain operational efficiencies, and create a better overall employee experience. More information here:

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United Football League has launched the Performance Medicine Solution as their new League-wide EMR, inclusive of all teams.

Each team in the UFL will operate from a distinct iP: Intelligence Platform configured to support their respective operating philosophy and needs. Their specific system will aggregate and mobilize all player medical data in one integrated platform, providing an accurate, real-time view of each player from a health, injury, and readiness perspective.