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How Communication Can Unlock a Team’s True Potential


It is no secret that mindful communication, good relationships and a healthy mindset are powerful tools in any type of business. Yet in the high-pressured, fast-paced team environment of sport they can be hard to master and maintain.

In this podcast Performance Scientist John Dams interviews communication expert Jay Hedley. Jay works with global business and sports leaders, teaching them to master their neurolinguistic skills, that will ultimately help them to unlock their true potential.

This podcast will challenge you to think differently about communication, conflict and how to get the most from the people you work with.

About Jay Hedley and the Coaching Room

Jay is the Managing Partner and an Executive Leadership Coach for The Coaching Room, an Australian based organization that works with high-performance leaders, athlete and sports coaches to unleash their full potential.

Through Jay’s work with these people are empowered to see with a new clarity and identify the previous blind spots in their professional and personal life that limited them and their potential.

Jay currently works with CEOs globally, and partners with organizations like the NSW Waratahs Rugby; coaching their leadership group, coaching staff and on-field playing team, in the role of their developmental coach.

Some of his current clients include: Fiji Airways, KPMG Australia, Waratahs and NSW Rugby, Rugby Australia, Beiersdorf Australia, Alcon, Amadeus, Ipsos, Goldfields, Optus, UTS Insearch and many more.


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Kitman Labs Announces Deal with Legendary Irish Hurling County, Kilkenny

They will be the first hurling team in the Gaelic Athletic Association to deploy iP and integrate medical, performance, and talent development data into one advanced operating system.